1st Time On Purpose At School

After I had an accident at school in the second grade, I discovered it was fun to pooped your pants.  I didn't get caught at all.  So I started do it all the time, espcially at home alone or when walking home from school.  A few weeks after the accident, after I had done it on purpose many times, I had to urge to poop again at school.  I went to the bathroom and held some TP under me while on the toilet.  I was pooping my pants full time by now at home and never had been caught.  I could tell the poop would be firm, so I stood up and pull my pants up and pooped in my pants.   I then went back to class, thinking my poop didn't stink.  Once I sat down it started to stink.  Some kid next to me said I pooped my pants, but I denied it and said he did.  Everyone belive me, becuase we has made fun of this other kid since 1st grader for his accidents. 

However, I was wereing light brown pants, and little did I know, the poop was linking through.  When I stood up to go home, everyone could tell, it was me, and not Patrick who had pooped his pants.  Patrick said, it had been Joey all along.  And so I was caught.  But nothing could make me give up pooping my pants!
DirtypantsJoe DirtypantsJoe
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

I often wear a pair of small plastic/rubber pants over my underwear and a pair of boxer shorts over that to keep the noise down and the poop tight. If my poop isn't a really smelly one, I can walk around for hours without being found out. At least outside.