More Than Once

My first time was in first grade. I was already into loading my pants whenever I felt like it. I don't mean every time I pooped, just on occasions when I just decided to poop in my pants. I'd done it out somewhere with my mom, like grocery shopping or something, but I'd only been in school for a few weeks and hadn't given any thought to doing it in class. But, then, a girl in my class had a poop accident. She was sent to the office and didn't come back that day. A few days later, I needed to poop, so instead of asking to use the boy's room, I just went in my pants while I was sharpening a pencil and went back and sat in it. It wasn't long before the odor was noticed and the teacher asked if anyone had had an accident in their pants. I raised my hand and said I did, Mrs *****. I was sent to the office and my mother was called to bring me clean clothes or to take me home. When we got home, mom spanked me and made me stand in the corner in my poopy undies for a while before she cleaned me up and changed my pants. When she changed me, she put one of my bed wetting diapers on me and I had to wear it all day.
happy2bcrappy happy2bcrappy
51-55, M
Aug 2, 2010