Pooped Pants At Work

This just happened on friday and it was so stupid how it happened. It all begun at 9.30 a.m i was on the phone dealing with an irate customer for (it seemed) ever i tryed telling her your orders being re picked and will be out shortly to you, anyway while iam trying to deal with this cretin er i mean customer (oops) my stomach gurgled, and got that feeling i needed a toilet like NOW. As i have mentioned before due to a weak bladder i wear pull ups at work just in case of a wet accident, being a supervisor iam allways in long boring meetings and i cant allways leave. Anyway where was i? oh right iam on the phone and the feeling in my stomach is getting worse my tummy now rumbling and groaning, i did not dare fart, in desperation i cut short the conversation with the customer, i hung up and rushed to the bathroom. I quickly run down the hallway from my office and went into the washroom of course all three stalls are taken (my luck) i stood there wincing with pain holding my bum and jiggling around come on hurry up some one i cant hold this much longer i thought, finally i heard paper being ripped off the holder in one of the stalls then the sound of flushing the door opened and out walked a beautifull gorgeous young girl about maybe 17 if that, she smiled and said hi, i nodded and rushed into the stall to be greeted by one hell of a smell, jesus girl what the hell were you eating? i thought. now just at this point i accidently farted ------and that was all it took to poop my pants, i groaned and closed my eyes oh wonderfull mellisa well done. i stood there for a moment wondering what to do, i slowely pulled my black dress pants down and stepped out of them, hung them up on the hook and then pulled down my white pull up peering into the underwear i saw the smelly brown mess, not as bad as i had imagined, i sat on the toilet and peed and strained, a farty sounding poop made a splash sound as it hit the water in the bowl. And so begun the clean up, i swear i used up most of the toilet paper wiping my bum, finally i was done, now i allways keep a spair diaper/pullup in my locker, i never carry a purse just a wallet in my pants (i think its a lesbian thing not sure) so of course my next job was to go to my locker and get the spair pair, i flushed and made my way over to my locker (luckily the lockers are next to the washrooms in the same room ) i opened up the door and fumbled in the bag i keep them in--------- EMPTY i franticly searched in the bag "oh come on no way" i said  and then i remembered i had used it just last week and forgot to bring another one in with me, i felt like banging my dumb blonde head against the locker exept it probably would hurt, hang on let me try------- (blonde girl bangs head against locker)  OUCH!!!!!! yes it hurts, errrr ok iam back on track with story.  I slammed the locker door and said the f word this meant i now would have to go commando for the rest of the day. All day i was on edge, what if i wet my self or worse? but some how i made it through the day, 4.00 came and i quickly left the office just briefly to pee one more time before the drive home, when i got home i changed into a pair of sweat pants and noticed a huge poop stain in my dress pants i guess i never wiped my self as good as i thought, oh well.

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wait so how did the pullup not contain your poop??

Yeah, I don't carry a purse with me either. That had to be embarrasing at work

It is no fun when it is unplanned. But you got by with it.We think any way.Ha Ha

beutiful story i liked it alot maybe that girl that came out of the toilet also pooed her self you never know

Thanks mells that was a nice story, especially because of your entertaining way of telling it. You may be blonde but you're talented (lol)

at work now...pooing little by little in my panties...mmm.

Hey nat, thats one thing ive never done, pee in a urinal, i have used the guys washrooms once or twice when i had major diarrea (spelling ?) thanks for sharing your story and giveing me an idear he he.

really nice story.<br />
I dont have work, but with my fast metabolism i have to poop alot, also sometimes during classes, but i trained myself to hold it( i also enjoy holding it)<br />
But i once had to pee badly while all the stalls where taken, why do most girls have to take so long to pee(probably because they do a #2 too at the same time)<br />
i dont poop on the toilet, it's such a waste.<br />
but i had to pee so badly that time that i went into the guys restroom and used an urinoir, if i had descided to waste time to open a stall and sit down i would probably had already peed my undies and all over the floor. With a short skirt, and pulling panties aside, a urinoir isnt difficult to use:D.<br />
i got some weird faces.<br />
faces like "wtf is a girl doing here AND using a urinoir" but they all smiled:D, lucky me.<br />
<br />
Loves Natalie

That's a cool story! And yeah, about that huge poop stain, I wonder if anyone smelled you... that wouldn't be the end of the world though, it happens to everybody.

as a rule in a large dept store, mostly though at home in private.

oh god i never thought of that, i hope no one smelt it on me.

Glad you saw the funny side of it i think its good that no one noticed

well you know i like to add a bit of humour here and there, tia rolled up laughing she thought it was hillarious.

Dam that must have sucked funny story tho mell :)

actually i dont enjoy doing it at work, mainly because i cant /dont have time to enjoy it.