Pooped My Pants Deliberatly

As some of you know by now i love pooping in my pants some times i admit its a genuine accident other times errr not so genuine he he. Anyway on sunday my g.f and myself went for a walk along the lake shore, it was still a bit cold but sunny. We had a nice lunch at roses waterfront pub, and got a little bit errrr ummm drunk. Anyway we continued our walknow approx about an hour or so later we stopped for a coffee at a little place just to warm up, and i really think this contributed to the accident. While heading back to our car my stomach cramped really bad i winced and mentioned to my g.f i had to poo LIKE NOW she laughed and said mells you know as well i do your gonna go in your pants sooooooo----- she gave me that come on babe look do it for me please look, now i should point out that tia allthough doesnt like to poop her pants her self she gets hot and horny when i do it, something to do with the smell (theres a word for it but cant remember it) i relaxed, i farted a long slow raspy one the smell wafted up through my sweat pants tia laughed waving her hand in front of her face, i stood near the railings on the boardwalk pretending to look out across the lake (remember there was a crowd of people walking as well) Tia stood near me, checking my bum getting ready for the bulge, the smell the high, her exitement was evident go on hon quick do it come on babe **** thoes little blue panties for me (she gets more exited about it than i do i think) i closed my eyes my stomach aching for relief. I slowely relaxed as a large soft mushy and very smelly poop filled my bikini panties Tia gave a gasp and laughed come on babe keep going i can see the bulge in your sweat pants growing bigger and bigger, i grunted i strained poop after poop filing my panties, i peed a bit but managed to get that back under control, another loud fart (iam sure someone must have heard it) another mushy poop oozzeeddd into my now very full bikini panties Tia inhalling my aroma her eyes closed she begun to rub her *****, i quickly pulled it away not here sweety i said to many people around lets get back to our car and then we can play. The walk back was slow , cold wet mushy smelly **** banging against my bum, some times a piece of poo would drop down my legs and go splat on the ground, it was evident people were noticing me and commenting on the smell and the poop dropping out of my pant legs. We got back to the car, we put a garbage bag on my seat for protection and then i slowely sat down on the seat, i could feel mushy poo squishing around my bum and oozing up into my ***** both of us now totaly hot we *********** each other Tia still inhalling my aroma, the car now stinking up really quick. we drove home in record time my g.f helped me clean up in the shower after that we hit the bedroom and errrr ummm well you can guess the rest. mells

mells mells 31-35, F 10 Responses Mar 4, 2009

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so your a lesbian

ur gf doesnt like pooping her pants right?? so than can u let her poop in ur pants??

excellent story Mells! So turned on when I read it! Some of my partners get off when I poop my diaper/pants too & it feels so so good when they fondle me through my pants/diaper & feel me up slowly during, after & before a big poop is about to happen! I don't like the smell of poop but it feels good to do a warm mushy load & have it all over my butt!

mmm mmm lovely im so horny reading it carry on pooing your self and get your gf to poo her self to

I think the word is phenomens or something like that, its basicly a certain smell that turns someone on, does not have to be poo, it could be anything the smell of fresh bread or apples, i knew this boy in school allways got hot when a girl threw up, personally that does nothing for me (just makes me wanna throw up) but to each there own.

Great story. I wish you could tell us what the word is for the attraction to the smell. It is something I have had forever. Love the smell of farts and poop. You have inspired me to try this. I especially like the idea of panties under loose pants so the poop can drop out. Awesome story. Thanks!

Nothing is hotter than pooping in a bikini......I wish I was female And ur girlfriend, however i'll just have to appreciate the ***** i got while reading ur story !! [lol]

hot story :)<br />
<br />
god your soo lucky...... and so's she<br />
<br />
It's hard enough finding a girl who isn't straight, let alone one that would do that with me.

have you ever had your GF poo herself and swap pants with her?

very hot story :) please keep us informed on all of 'em