Hello ? Mr Pope ?

 I mean no disrespect.... but could you please stop with the idiotic mumblings of a man who presumes himself next to Godly ? And who misleads all the Catholic Followers into believing this as much as you do ?  

   Can you  bring yourself out of the ancient times of the "Bible" and get with the  best interest of all man kind ?  

 Your "ideal" world never did exist, and it never will.  

 Look first into your own glass house before you cast stones at the "sinners".

  I am a Christian, I believe my God is a forgiving God.   I am a sinner, always have been,  yet I look past all my pain, and I see His forgiveness in my blessings, as meak as they may be.   

 Bless me Father for I have been sinned against.

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Mar 19, 2009