I Never Imagined My Life This Way

Growing up I always thought everything would always stay the same. That after I left I would come home to the same people. Everyone would miss me and love me more. That's not at all what I got. Some nights I stay up all night thinking about old memories before everything went wrong. Some say memories help them through everything. They say remember the good times how can someone think of the happy times and feel safe only to come back t the nightmare of a reality they live in now. I never had the right people in my life although I do have special people that mean the world to me even if they don't know it now. The way my life is now is difficult things are weird and I am trying to understand how to cope with the feelings. As of right now I am doing well with it all and this is my way of understanding my own thoughts. In writing this all down it has made me realize that nothing will last forever and no one will ever be the same. It is how I present myself to those people that will always stay with me.
BeckR22 BeckR22
Jan 5, 2013