Open To This?

I have not posed for anyone as of yet. But have thought it be nice posing in an art class if I could hold the pose long enoff? I did have a naked friend that had me take his picture and was willing to take mine but I didn't persue it. I did take some of my self using a timer and have thought it mite be fun having a friend take some pictures of me. I also see pictures where they somehow block the view of the penis and if your going to take a nude picture of me my penis should be seen as well. unless the picture is my back side. Or posibly a side shot. but even then I would want front pictures as well.
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56-60, M
3 Responses May 16, 2012

you can post your photos here on EP and see what people comment

I have photos in my album

WHERE? I don't see any albums on your profile?? Would love to see you in all you naked glory!
Naked Sissy Stephie

I am an Artist & would Love to draw you! I teach Watercolor & Figure Drawing Classes, & Teach models how to pose & Love it! Web Site: & Check out my Drawings in my Albums & leave a comment. Closet Nudist but never drawn anyone while I was Nude so that would be Fun! Happy to give you a drawing too--

First off I believe we are too far from each other. I am a nudist naturist so I would have no need for you to be nude as the artist. As long as you are comfortable with me nude thats all that matters.

it is on my bucket list

Imwould be happy to help you with that. It would be fun. You could pose any way you like.