My Wife Poses Nude For Art And Classes

It all began about two years ago when I (the husband) found a wonderful artists that does the most fantastic nude figure drawings that are full of passion and energy. Fortunately this artist lived only about 30 minutes away and through their website I made contact and asked for a price for some drawings of my lovely wife on commission.

Well this fantastic artist replied to my email and offered to draw from some photos - when I explained that we did not live too far away he was more than happy to meet my wife and draw from her live.

So a time was agreed and along went my wife (Samantha). The artist (Tony) was a true gentleman and he and my wife had a good re-pore. Tony is very passionate and has been drawing the figure for about 50 years - he holds nothing back and expects the models to be free of inhibition - so the best work can be done - it is therefore a mutual work - the energy of the model inspiring the artist and the artist inspiring the model.

Stretching, bending, crawling - flowing poses that are of course naturally without modesty - that is not a conscious thought according to my Samantha.

The drawings are fantastic and we have several displayed on our walls at home - they are sensual but artistic and leave nothing to be desired in what they have captured - uninhibited and beautiful.

Since this first time - and due to the great re-pore established - Samantha has posed for Tony on many more occasions (there is no fee for her time - just a few drawings for her collection) Tony does take many photos during the sessions of all types of poses as they flow - Samantha does not object as Tony uses these for his drawings as reference material - I do know that these also capture the finest details of her wonderful anatomy but in an artistic setting this is not a consideration as the mood is not one modesty but that of respect.

Samantha has since posed for some colleges and private groups with numbers between 8 - 14 plus the instructor/s in different environments.

Thank you

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Excellent wife!

Both my wife and i are so pleased she posed nude, many years ago ,for a drawing class.
Some were quite explicit, genital close ups, but most are natural and not erotic, just beautiful.She still has one somewhere.
She loves the memories of the pleasure she gave to a lot of guys, she posed for.

See a drawing - have to be a friend first

and the photos are available where?

They are with the artist for drawing references