Wife As Model For My Drawing Group

One of the first times Samantha my wife modeled was after I had started drawing classes with an old lady (Helen) who had a Wednesday evening class in a small studio above her house. There were about 6 of us in total. The class was structured around a beginners type progressive plan with a life model being scheduled for the last 4 weeks.Basically it started at 7 and finished at 9 pm once a week for about 8 weeks.

Well Helen is talking one evening in the tea break about how expensive models are etc and how hard they are to get because of her location
(out in the suburbs and not near transport). If anyone knows of a potential model get them to call her. I don't think she expected anyone to do anything about it really and would have had to pay for a model and their travel fee despite the cost.

When my Samantha asked how the class went I told her it was good, just doing the basics at the moment and the old dear is trying to find a model for a few weeks from now but has been having some issues due to her location and budget  as she only charges $10 for the class her gross each time is $60.

At this Samantha said she would do it for Helen as she sounds sweet and genuine and it would be for art so she would actually like too.

Now to be honest she had never modeled in the nude before so I was not sure if she would actually go ahead however before I headed off to class the next week she reminded me to ask Helen if she could model. One thing with my wife is when she has made up her mind or committed she always goes through as she would not let anyone down.

So after the class that week I asked Helen if she had a model yet and she said no not yet. I told her of Samantha's offer and she was so pleased and said of course and that she could model is swimwear or a g-string if she was more comfortable but could only afford to pay her no more than $30 for the 2 hours (which is below the rate in this country). I gave her Samantha's's mobile number and asked her to speak to her from now on and that also I would prefer if other's in the group did not know she was my wife - so she felt more autonomous.

Anyway as it goes Helen spoke with Samantha and they talked about what would be expected and that she could wear bikini etc. Samantha said she would feel silly in any garments as it is figure modeling and she would rather not she is there for the artists to see all her body and for them to study an learn from her anatomy - all of it.

Samantha was a little nervous the first time - arriving straight after work she had a quick shower and got undressed whilst the artist prepared.

I did not attend the first class as she would have been stressed if I was there. She told me however that it went well, she used stools, leg up/leg down, leaning back, Buddha and reclining type poses. She said Helen was very certain to ensure nothing was hidden - she turns out to be a cheeky old girl.

During the last week of the class Helen gave the students the opportunity to select a pose - most were too quiet however this older gentleman of about 50 - request she do a bending pose on a walking stick with her butt pointing right at his easel, leg shoulder width and arching her back, look over her shoulder to him. Samantha said she giggled because she thought he was being cheeky but she said it was fun to do - when she was posing he said she was so alive? Anyway being a small studio I think he must have been no more than 1.5 meters away from her buttocks and lower back. I consider him very fortunate.

For me it was surreal watching my wife being directed to pose and be drawn for hours on end without a care in the world. She seemed at peace.

The outcome of the classes was fantastic for my artistic development and my Samantha was so pleased to contribute the artistic process she continues to do so - but usually not for money just for the joy of art - and for people who love their own art- which has included some societies and college groups but mainly now just Tony who she loves dearly for his talent and uninhibited expression of the female form ( see earlier EP). I have never seen her model since but am proud of her contributions to the development of art.

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nice story thank you. Sounds very fun and sexy.

Thank you for this nice write up. Can you add to see your pics and drawings?

please share your work, love to see drawings and photos.

There is one pic by another artist who's talent far exceeds my own - you can view this