On The Las Vegas *****

A freind and I dress as super heroes and go to the Las Vegas ***** to have our pictures taken with toursists. They give us tips for posing wtih them.

Of course being in Las Vegas we have had some drunk people and others acting crazy. We often get requests to show more than our outfits already do in just the outfits. For the right price anything can happen - even some side bachelor parties, divorce parties, or just a get your rocks off party.

I have included some pictures of this "hobby" on my profile for my friends to see. Tell me what you think.
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What great fun for you and the party goers! A group of girls started posing for fun pics in Times Square in NYC last summer, many topless. They, and the tourists, always have big smiles! ;)

Would love to see those pics.

Going to be in Vegas in a few weeks. Add me if you like

I'd love to see

Sounds great, what do you wear under the costume? I'd love to see, please add me.

What do they say "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"..unless it's on the Internet! Lol

Would love to see your 'hobby'. Add me please ?

Gotta Love Vegas!

I would like to see the pics too. Please add me.

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Well, it looks as though I shall have to add you and keep my fingers crossed.

I would love to see them please add me

I'd love to see those photos. I have a friend that lives out in Pahrump...he is trying to talk me into moving out there when I retire. I'd love to find you out on the ***** in your costumes...and maybe even more

very nice.... I have seen the superheroes..... but only clothed so far....

That sounds awesome! What a fun time that just 'might' get a little crazy!

can i see plz add me

I Always enjoy the sidewalk sights in Vegas, I will look for super heros next time I am there

you going to let me see young lady x

Fantastic sales pitch... and I'm buying! Please add me!

I'd love to see those pics.

please add me

please add me

I agree - sounds like great fun :)

Lived & worked in Vegas. I work construction. Helped build City Center. Bet you live in Henderson. Add me? Crowbar!!

where are your photos

plz add me wanna see those vegas pics

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Would love to see and comment. Please add me

Awesome.. I hope I'll be able to see those pictures some day! :)

This is a great story. How do you decide to start doing something like that I wonder?

I added you to my circle a while back btw.

I would like to be added as a friend to see some of your super hero pics :)

Of all the times I have been to Vegas I have yet to experience. Makes next time something worth looking forward to

Wow, I love it. Add me, please

Love your stories! Would love to check out the pics you have! Add me please!

This hobby sounds like fun, maybe me and the hubby should go to Vegas and take part in it :)

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hi victoria i would also love to see your pics could you add me please

Victoria is love to see Ur pic plz add me to Ur friends

Victoria , I would love to view your pics !!!! XOXOXO DAVID

I go to Vegas several times a year, would love to see those pix, might have to watch out for you

sound like you have fun I would love to be your friend please.

That's awesome. Love to see them.

Vegas ***** is always....strips...

I would love to see them and tell you what I think...

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Thanks for the story. Please add me. thanks.

I always enjoy seeing the street performers in Vegas, especially the sexy ones....I hope I get to see your pics

I love going to Vegas, go once a year. Ill have to look for you. would love to see the pics!

hey! you are too gorgeous to not be my friend! :) add me please?