Posing Nude With An Erection

As I said in my introductory post a few months ago, I have been modeling for art classes and artists for almost 10 years now. I love art modeling because I love figurative art, and because I enjoy the sexual aspect of it as well. Obviously not all art modeling is sexual and I'm not a very sexual person in general, but there is an undeniable sexual aspect to standing nude on a platform, under bright lights, while strangers scrutinize every detail of my naked body.

Part of that sexual aspect is having an erection during a pose. There is nothing so thrilling, so electrifying, so invigorating as having a full erection while modeling for an art class. As a model, I feel extremely exposed and vulnerable, but also very alive and literally flush with excitement while I am aroused on the modeling stand. I don't ever make overtly suggestive poses or "point" my erection at anyone, and I never want to make artists uncomfortable. But if I have a stiffy during a pose, usually everyone is fine with it, if not outright happy about it.

In the 10 years I've modeled, I've posed for art classes of varying size, age range, gender, etc, and everything from high school classes to senior arts centers, and I've gotten an erection in all settings. Of the literally dozens of times I've had a hard on while modeling, only once has there ever been any sort of negative comment - by an older man who didn't like that I had an erection - and even then the monitor has asked me to pose again multiple times. Usually I get positive feedback in the form of smiles, extra thanks after the class, and subtle comments of appreciation, usually along the lines of what an "open" or "dynamic" session it was. So if you are a male art model out there, erections are usually well tolerated and often appreciated.

But here's the catch: in order to consistently pose with an erect penis, you must first be a good art model. Unless you're very young and inexperienced, a teacher or class monitor likely won't invite you back if you pop a ***** the first time you model for the class. You have to establish yourself as a prompt, reliable, courteous model with good etiquette who comes up with creative poses and holds them well. If you do those things consistently, and if you are kind and polite and NEVER do or say anything overtly sexual, you can have erections as often as you like. You want to be known as the good model who gets hard now and then, rather than the creepy guy who can't control himself.

Here's my own experience with arousal and art modeling. When I first started, I was nervous about getting turned on and having an erection. I was in my early 20s, sexually inexperienced, and got boners easily, especially when nude. I had no one to ask about it, and internet searches revealed a wide range of opinions on the topic. I was afraid of getting hard and getting yelled out and tossed out of class. The idea of an erection was both arousing and terrifying. So when I first started I would bite my tongue throughout the session if I felt even the slightest sensation down below; sometimes I could even taste the blood I bit so hard. It didn't do much for my posing, which was rigid and unrelaxed as a result.

But then it happened. After several sessions at different community groups, I as asked to pose with a female model for a special Friday night session. She was a good model and very open, and even asked if I would be embarrassed if I had a woody during the pose, and asked if any areas on my body were off limits to touch. During the session we would take turns assuming a pose, and then other would react to that pose. For one pose I stood with my legs apart with my torso twisted at the hips. As a response, she wrapped her body around one of my legs, and placed her hand on my inner thigh, just next to my scrotum.

She was in her 60s, in good shape but not terribly attractive. But to a young man a warm, naked female body pressed against my leg with a hand in my groin was enough to send my penis into a full erection in about 3 seconds flat. I was embarrassed and frankly surprised, but I held the pose - I was too nervous to do anything else. No one said a word, and after a few minutes it gradually subsided. I don't think the female model even knew it had happened, and several of the artists incorporated it into their work. I had no negative comments at all. And at that point I realized I was good to go in terms of becoming erect on the stand. I had my first erection while modeling, and it seemed to be a positive experience.

From there I developed a personal "3 session rule." I now wait at least 3 sessions - sometimes 2, depending on the class or group - before allowing myself to have an erection while modeling. This allows the group, the class, the teachers, etc. to get used to me and be comfortable with me as a model, and allows them to realize I'm not a perv and do a good job on the stand. But after 3 sessions I no longer make any effort to suppress my boners - if it happens, it happens. I usually avid getting more than 1-2 erections during a given session, but otherwise I allow my penis to do its thing.

And then I do have intentional erections as well. While I always enjoy having erections, there are two situations where I enjoy having them the most: with a community group of mostly middle age women, and in introductory college art classes. In the community groups with middle age women, they always enjoy drawing nude men, and the sexual tension is palpable during an erection. Middle age women love it - the room becomes quiet, you can hear them breathing harder - it's a major rush. And the looks I get afterwards are positively withering.

Then there's the introductory college art classes. I like these classes because the students are often eager to learn, are mostly female, and often times I will be the first male model they've had - many times I will be the first nude male some of these girls have ever seen. I can't tell you how many times 19-20 year old girls (some incredibly attractive) tell me that they were terrified about seeing - much less scrutinizing and drawing - a nude man for the first time, but have come to really enjoy it when I pose for the class. That's a major turn-on in itself, but then when I get an erection after a few classes, it's an incredible thrill.

Sometimes getting an intentional erection - especially in front of a group - isn't as easy as it seems. If the room is cold, if the pose is difficult, if I'm tired or just not in the mood, it can be a challenge to get hard on purpose. Yet some poses are easier than others. For starters, I never get an erection during gestures or poses less than 10 minutes - only longer poses. But the types of poses that foster an erection are those where you can relax and where both sensation in the penis and blood flow to the penis are optimal. Thus a standing pose with the legs spread or with one leg propped on a stool is good, because it allows good flow and the penis is "flopping in the breeze" so to speak. Kneeling poses are also good, if the legs are spread. Sitting poses are not good for erections because they aren't as visible or prominent, and they are harder to maintain because the blood flow and sensation aren't as good. Reclining poses, especially with the legs spread, are excellent because they are subtly erotic in nature and allow you to relax and let it happen.

Finally, a story about one of my first experiences getting an erection while art modeling. It happened about 7-8 months after the first time I described above. I was still a little hesitant to get hard, but I had achieved a couple of erections for different groups since then. I was posing for a group that had just started nude modeling sessions at night. They had weekly morning classes where the model wore spandex because kids could come in the gallery and peek into the classroom to see the model. I had modeled several times for these morning sessions, and was their only male model. They appreciated my work, and with my encouragement they started night classes once a month for full nude modeling. The class consisted of 10 women - age range 20s through 60s, but mostly 40s - and one older man. I was to be their second nude model, but first male model. One of the women was in her 40s and very attractive - I heard her tell a couple of the others that she was both very nervous and very excited about drawing a nude male model.

At the end of the session, I took a 45 minute reclining pose to wrap up the evening. I was on a sofa, with my left leg propped on the arm of the sofa and the right extending off the sofa, with my foot planted on the floor. My right hand rested on my abdomen, the left was over the back of the sofa. About 20 minutes into the pose, I decided to have an erection. I thought about how exciting it would be, and I started to feel myself get engorged, but nowhere near fully hard. My heart pounded out of my chest and I had butterflies in my stomach. My engorged penis was draped over my right thigh, dangling off the edge of the sofa, and remained that way for several minutes. I continued to think about how enjoyable it would be, and before long I could feel the head of my penis gently brush up my thigh and abdomen as I slowly got harder and harder. My heart was positively racing as I felt it lift off my skin and point up toward my head in a full, throbbing erection.

I had a few 1-2 minute stiffies in the 8 months prior, but this was something else. I felt my penis bob and convulse uncontrollably with every pulsation. It felt like it was positively on the verge of exploding it was so hard and tense. There was silence in the room and the sexual tension was through the roof. I could hear heavy breathing and pencils gently gliding across paper. I felt very alive, very exposed, and extremely turned on - it was utterly thrilling. I stayed hard for the final 20 or so minutes of the pose, my penis twitching with every heartbeat. I didn't try to maintain it or suppress it - at that point it had a mind of its own. It naturally subsided just before the pose ended.

I immediately slipped on my robe and went to the restroom to change into my clothes. When I came back I was greeted with a round of applause and some beaming smiles. No one ever said anything about the erection, and the class monitor later noted that I was their best model. I had a few more sessions with them before I moved away, and got somewhat aroused a few times - but nothing like the first time. Since then I've had so many erections and so many thrilling experiences it's hard to recount them all. I'll share a few other erection stories in the future, but I've gone on long enough at this point. I would love to hear other similar experiences from my fellow male models....
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I can relate to that. Depending on the mood being naked in front of others can cause an unprompted, spontaneous erection which can be very stimulating. I posed for an amateur photography group in speedos and when someone asked if I could take them off I thought 'no harm in that'. after 15 minutes I suddenly produced a full erection which lasted for the rest of the shoot. No complaints, no embarrassment after a few minutes,just seemed natural.