I Wonder Has Anyone Ever Got Posion Ivy On There Breast Like Me????

i work as a bartender in a bar-- restauant kind of place just on weekends. not having pockets i put my tips inside my bra cup . this is something the customers enjoy and to be honest i enjoy the attention i get from them. last july 4 weekend one of the men did a nasty thing to me he rubbed the dollars he gave me as a tip in posion ivy knowing i would put it into my bra cup. it worked and i had a horrible rash all over both breasts and my neck and arms. i found this out from one of the other customers. what a horrible thing to do to someone. i later found out who it was though i didnt make any kind of a issue i just told him not to tip me anymore. why are people so mean espically to a nice lady like myself . i just dont understand people.
lindamaker lindamaker
46-50, F
May 10, 2012