The Sun Within Us.

A beautiful write up..i want to share with my friends on EP..hope u are all enjoying life.

Life really is beautiful and extraordinary. It’s just that so many of us pile worries, anxieties, and judgments on top if its greatness, making it hard to see life as it really is. This concept can easily be related to the big, beautiful sky that rests above us. Think about it – the sun is always shining, but sometimes we can’t see its shimmer because of the dense clouds that cover it. The same goes for our attitudes. The sun is always shining within us – it’s just that we cover it so heavily with anxieties, worries, and judgments that it’s often hard to notice, and revel in, its radiance.
If you had no worries, no self-doubts, no insecurities, no anxieties, no negative thoughts…life would be really great, wouldn’t it? Well, it may be grand but it would also be unnatural. While we are human and we can’t expect to be 100% free from negativity, I think we all have the potential to attract positive energy into our lives. We can work daily towards stressing less, becoming more confident, letting go of what we cannot control, and thinking thoughts that benefit our happiness and well-being alike. As long as we make small positive steps each day, whether it be writing in a daily gratitude journal or reciting affirmations, we are starting somewhere, rather than nowhere. As long as we make a commitment to continuous personal growth and development, we are on the right track. As long as we make the decision to never stay stagnant or settle for mediocrity, we are on our way to peace and bliss.
This week, I have decided that my mantra is “let it go.” Anytime I start to stress, complain, or pass judgment on another, I will gently remind myself that it’s not worth my time or energy. I won’t let any clouds get in the way of my sunshine this week, and I hope that this post will inspire you to adopt the same mantra. We all have a glowing sun within us. We can either cloud this beautiful spirit with negative thoughts, constant what-if’s, and judgments about others, or we can think positively and let our inner sun shine. With everything in life – it all comes down to which attitude you choose. Choose wisely.
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Nice one Ji positive thinking is very good for mind and also for the society...

I like ur attitude