A Welcome Home Present Not To Forget...

This story was written shortly after I returned from Afghanistan last year . Enjoy....

It had been almost a year sense her husband had deployed to Afghanistan for a yearlong deployment. her man was finally coming home. She had gotten a little something for him before he came home as a welcome home present and she couldn’t wait to put it on for him. The day before he was to be home she went out and picked out a black lace teddy with garters and fish net stockings and to complete it a pair of knee high boots. It hugged her every curve in all the right places and pushed her large breasts up to show off her cleavage. She had even taken the time that night to trim her ***** hair nice and short the way he loved it. She had the night planned to give him his welcome home present that night after a night out for dinner and drinks. The next day he arrived home and she was all open arms for him. She gave him a big long hug and kiss then said welcome home baby, I have something special for you later.

Little did he know just what she had in mind for him. After they got home they both showered and went out to dinner to celebrate his home coming, then to a local bar for a few drinks after they had finished eating. Several hours had gone by as they spent time catching up and after several drinks decided to head home for the night. When they got home she suggested to him to take a shower and she would join him in a few minutes, so he went off to the shower. As soon as she knew he was in the shower she went to the room and lit some candles to set the mood, set out the massage oil and went to the closet to get the outfit out she had purchased for him and quietly put it in the towel cabinet so he wouldn’t see it then joined him in the shower. They took turns washing each other’s backs and touching and teasing each other in the shower. As he was done she told him she had to shave her legs and she would be in the room in a few minutes. After he left the bathroom she locked the door and pulled out the outfit and began to put it on for him. She was getting all wet and turned on as she put on the stockings, thong and garters. She had to pleasure herself a bit before getting dressed for him as she fingered herself to an ******. Finally dressed she made her way in. The room had a dim lighting to it by candles with music playing on the radio and their door way was a straight shot to the bed which made for a real good opportunity to tease him with her entrance to the room.
He was sitting on the bed in just his briefs as the note she left on the bed said for him to do and then shortly after wards she made her way in to the room. She had thigh heeled boots, thigh high fishnet stockings, garters and a black satin and lace teddy out fit on pushing her large breasts out the top and a pair of satin gloves onto top off the outfit. Her hair all pulled back and perfume that drove him nuts. He was in total shock to see his wife all sexed up and wanted to just grab her but she told him not to touch just look and watch. She told him to sit on his hands as she began to start a ***** tease for him slowly to the music that was playing in the room. By the time she had gotten the outfit off it was obvious he liked what he had seen based on the rock hard flag pole trying to get out his briefs. To make it worse she began to play with herself and made him watch as she got herself all wet playing with her own ***** while asking him how bad he missed it and wanted it, what he was going do to it while making him beg for it. She then went to the bedside drawer and pulled out one of her favorite ****** and told him to come **** her with it till she came. He sucked her **** and slowly filled her hot wet ***** up with it and then picked up the speed while sucking her **** and making her *** several times before she said she wanted his hot **** in her. He ****** her long and hard making her scream with such an intense ******* that put her over the edge and made her want him even more. His **** was pounding her ***** so hard she was gasping for air with each pounding of his tool. He flipped her over on her knees and gave it to her doggy style as he grabbed her hips and began to drive it home to her. Her ***** was so swollen and red full of **** and juices as they ****** like it was a marathon. The sensations were driving her crazy and she couldn’t take it much more he was like a sex machine with a nonstop pace ******* her senseless with his big thick **** and after a while she told him to give it to her in her ***. She needed to feel his **** in her hot *** as she blurted out in the heat of passion. To his surprise he asked again and she said yes, please **** my ***. **** me now and then he filled her *** with his hard ****. She had him roll over and got on top of him and rode his **** in her *** and filled her ***** with her ***** as she came over and over again.
As he was pounding her *** she was ramming her ***** in her ***** and telling him harder, faster. Yea like that it baby like that. Soon he was about to explode, he couldn’t take it anymore and she dropped to the floor and told him *** on my chest baby, give all your hot ***** right now you beast. He exploded like he had never done before all over her face and hair and chest, then she sucked him dry. Afterwards she had him give her a total body massage to relax her. They were both worn out and he asked her when did u start liking it up the *** honey? She replied I played with myself and explored with myself while you were gone. I liked it and kept playing with it till I could take my ***** in my *** and loved it. That way I could give you something extra special baby. I hope you liked it as much as I did baby. Yes baby I loved it he said. They spent the night each other’s arms. Before going to sleep she said to him welcome home baby, hope you liked your present cause tomorrow i want u to **** me like that again with my strap on I have baby just for you and his response was yes I did dear, I loved my present and thank you it feels great to finally be home with you. Sweet dreams honey, welcome home.
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Jan 18, 2013