Mrs Tran Real Photo In Ep

I love to show off my wife, but of course no in front of any we known in our real life.

This is because we both living in a traditional Asian country. luckily, I found this website "Experience Project' in Google, let us tell our exposed habit to the other people live far from us or meet someone with same habit.

However, we really felt so hot to flash stranger and show her private part of her body to other. We love to know how you guys how fantasy about my wife 'Mrs Tran'? how you guys want to abuse or rape her???......but you guys only can see, cannot touched.....Love to know you guys hidden and do ************ by thinking of my wife.......

I asked her to take some pictures to show off her body figure. She love to hear back your dirty comment. Many Thanks!

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9 Responses Nov 26, 2012

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She has some very nice ****... would love to see the nipples!

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she is very sexy

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