Only me, myself, and I, you will find on my page and in my album...... ;-)
juliebee81 juliebee81
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

You have some cute pictures.

Yes that is refreshing. One of the profiles i visited the chap had actually photoshopped his wifes head onto some young things body, just looked unnatural. You on the other hand are all Real and Curvy swervy and Sexy. Just in the wrong bloody country :-) Still Can't have everything.

awwwww why thank you sir...... yes it's too bad i'm so far away stuck in this dead end town here in america............

Will buy you Lunch :-) Spend 4 or 5 weeks a year in So Cal for work :-)

I have never understood the fake profile/pictures mindset. 100% real here, for better or worse... ;-)

I'd love to see your pictures. I know you're probably not interested since I'm a guy, but you're welcome to have a look at mine also.

I'll add ya!

You're really cute. Even though I know you're not into guys, I'm still enjoying looking at you. Let me know if there's a picture of me that you might want to see.....

It would be an honor to see your pics...would you please add me?