I 100% Do

my friends Amanda ( Amanda365 ) & ( Queensupreme02 ) Rebecca we do too. like few people i saw there fake pictures on different other web sites. i saw 1 said post november 2001. but girls BlueMetalChick & CinnamonKnigh! was 18 to 21 years old i knew there pictures was fake. anybody knew them delete them & block them & please report them tooooo. thank you y'all friend Carrie ( Faithfullcarrie )...
Faithfullcarrie Faithfullcarrie
36-40, F
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Very sexy, love to see you! Having any fun?

awesome and cant wait to see them !

... but your profile pic has been around the net for at least 10 years and is of Faith Nelson of InBedWithFaith fame.


add me plz... would love to know more.....

Agree with what you say - and my pics are all me (and all of me)

I would love to see your photos. Take care.

I would love to be added.

amanda365 is a not overseeing fake

please add me I tried to add you and i can't

Ty 4 sharing

Didn't you just saw what I typed? Faithfullcarrie and amanda365 are fake. There the same person.

Um faithfullcarrie you and amanda365 are fake as well. A bunch of pornstar pictures was used by you and her.

They have admitted to me there not using real pictures...

Please add me

Love the profile and stories...come by and check mine out and add me! Very beautiful woman!

Happy to check out your real photos. You look stunning

Bluemetalchick and cinnamonknight are nice people!

Good post

Good post.

BTY, You are gorgeous.

add me please

add me pls

Love your hot profile pic....would love to see more. Please add me

Hi, would love to see your photos. Can you add me please?

I would love to be added to your friends list!

ok i add you

I tried to add you but it wouldn't let me. I would like to become friends if you would allow me to do so. :)

i add you

got home from doctor appointment today. guess what? i'm having twins. can't tell sex babys yet. we know in august doctor said

very nice Amanda

I'd sure like to see yours! Please add me.

i add you

Faithfullcarrie 1 my best friends yes she 100% real, that great story Carrie

thank you Rebecca