Life After Divorce

Married for 40 years and lost wife to cancer, met a gorgeous woman 6 months later and wooed her for 5 years and then got married to her. I found my dream girl only to have her turn into  a nightmare ....after 5 more years and now at age 77 with multiple health problems and a portfolio that has decreased in value by some 60% since 2001 I am like a ship at sea without engines and no rudder. The saddest thing is for an older guy to try to find some one to keep company with is a really difficult task. Would welcome any advice as I will not go to see a shrink.

windybreeze windybreeze
1 Response Nov 6, 2008

I believe, as experienced personally, the male of the species has a greater need to fill voids left by the female of the species. Grab what you have, ie, family= offspring and think about others than yourself. Women fair better in a single life as they get on with life and think of others more. Men are wired for protecting and surviving which are pretty out of date neandathal expectactions in the 21st century. Good luck with the great gift of life. Giving is greater than receiving.