The Donny Experience

I met Donny 14 yrs ago through a friend at a bar. He told me he was getting a divorce his wife had just up and left him and he was staying at his mom's house with his little children. I wondered what kind of woman would just up and leave this gorgeous soft spoken guy and his children? He said his wife was a ******** at a club in Florida near Orlando. I  found out later it was located on SOBT (South Orange Blossom Trail). He said she was cheating on him and would never give him any sex etc. etc. After getting to know him I fell in love with him and would take him and his then 4yr old son shopping at the mall ended up fixing his car for him and then he just disappeared. I heard from him after a few months and he said he went back to his wife and they were expecting another baby.

In 2000 he came and visited me said he was living in Texas then and still with his wife....found out later he was really with another woman who was an accountant at a ***** club and had 2 more children with her. Now he had 5 children all together not supporting any of them. Ended up taking the accountant for over $100,000 probably much more than that if the truth be known....said he never loved her only was with her for the money etc. (found all of this out just recently)

Fast forward to Oct. 2010. I ran into Donny's  aunt and asked about him and she said he was incarcerated. Found out he had like 5 or 6 felony convictions for drugs, forgery etc. and he was at a work-release in Decatur, IL. I wrote him a letter and he said he was reformed and was working full-time and paying child support for his kids (the 1st 3 kids with the ********). We talked for hours on the phone and after a few weeks he talked me into getting him on the weekend because he could take 48 to 72 hr passes for "good behavior". He was so wonderful to me paid for all the gas took me out to nice restaurants bought me clothes & shoes etc. every weekend I made the long trip over 300 miles a weekend. He proposed to me by Christmas....bought me a cheap little Wal-mart ring.....I didn't complain because I loved him and he was actually working for the money not making much more than minimum wage. Give the nice guy a break right?

He was so sweet and good to me all the time but every weekend I noticed he talked to the ex-wife a lot. (she divorced him while he was in jail a yr earlier) Poor Donny :-( At first he said he was just talking to her because it was concerning the kids so I had to be ok with it right? After 9 months of going to get him every weekend staying up until all hours of the night on the weekends just "talking" about our future together it was time for him to parole to my house. We got married at the court house by the justice of the peace 2-days after he got out of jail. He took me to Tennessee on our "honeymoon" to meet his kids and the ex-wife. I should have known then I wasn't the most important person in his life it was still his ex-wife. She had re-married though so it didn't appear like anything was going on. He ended up quiting his job in Decatur because he said it was too far to drive....needless to say he never tried to hard to find another one after we were married.

I have a pretty good job so it didn't really bother me at first and he said he was in it for love this time because we didn't really have a lot of extra money. After 9 months of marriage I took him on a vacation to Florida to visit friends we had a good time but he was kicked out of a really nice club in South Beach for grabbing one of the dancers butts....he swore he didn't do it that they mistook him for someone else who must have did it. They finally let him back in because my friends had spent a lot of money on a private table but I never believed his story. He was very cold to me most of the trip and my friends said later that he never really treated me like a man should treat his wife.

I waited on him hand and foot like he was my king because I grew up the old fashioned way where the woman is supposed to take care of her man like that. By that point in time the marriage was basically sexless I tried everything getting all dressed up in sexy lingerie etc. he actually had the nerve to laugh at me one night because I had "dressed up" for him thinking that would help the sex life. He would never do anything in the bedroom anymore just lay there and expect me to do all the work. I wasn't responding to him anymore he would never kiss me and when he did he would wipe my kiss off his lips right away. I started sinking into depression and the more depressed I got the more I gained weight. He said he liked to keep me juicy and plump...(I think just so no other men would look at me). By that point him and the ex were texting and still talking on the phone all the time. I would get mad because he would talk to her more than me. Then he said it was just all my "insecurty" I had "problems" not trusting them.

 By this point in time all the extra money on all my charge accts was gone.....after buying him a whole new wardrobe, a PS3, and anything else he wanted I managed to get for him. In the meantime he had made like 3 trips to Tennessee by himself.....his mom moved in right next door to his ex-wife (how convenient) and she needed his help. I tried to get him jobs made resumes & cover letters for him but he wouldn't even hand them in. Finally  my 88yr old mom said needed some painting done and she paid him $1,000.00 just to get started. He ended up just painting the garage and barely one side of the house. Went out and got a new computer and I also pitched in over $100 for. The weekend after that he demanded I give him another $100 because he was short on supplies for the painting. (later found the receipts totaling $360)

That night  I started having chest pains in the night and I told him that before he left the next day (to supposedly paint the house). His response was "did ya drink some water"? then he left his cell phone at home. I was still having chest pains and couldn't get a hold of him so I finally had my daughter talke me to the hospital. They said my EKG wasn't looking right and they wanted to admit me to do some stress tests on my heart the next day. He finally called me at 7 p.m. wondering where I was . When I told him what was going on he said "well do I HAVE to come down there tonight, I'm really tired from workikng all day"? I said no honey I know your tired get some rest and come down in the morning. The next morning I called him at 9 a.m. and woke him up and asked him if he would come down at least by 11 a.m. he said yes. He didn't show up to the hospital until 1:30 pm he was acting nervous and pacing around and said he hated hospitals and was leaving. I said they are letting me go within an hr could he please stay until they let me out? He said NO im going home. Needless to say they released me and he was already at home....he wouldn't answer his phone the first 10 minutes I tried to call him....then when I did get a hold of him he asked me if he could just pick me up in the circle drive in front of the hospital so he wouldn't have to  come into the hospital to get me. As always I'm like sure honey no problem. He was just obscessed with the new computer and a program I had bought for him to download anything he wanted. Movies, music, videos. That was all he cared about and was staying up all night and sleeping most of the day while I worked to support us.

On Wed. of that  week I asked him to give me a hug because it was the 13th anniversary of my son's death. He said "NO, I'm not feeling well and I don't want you to get it what I have". (he faked sickness a lot so he wouldn't have to give me any affection). Then I asked him to go to the cemetery with me and he went off on me and said "I am not going to any cemetery with you are you kidding me"?

By Friday he was acting a little nicer and even made me a nice steak dinner we had a good evening actually. Found out later he was just being nice to me so I would go to bed and leave him alone to download his ****. The **** wasn't the thing that really bothered was that he lied to me about it. I asked him if you could download **** movies and he said "no, I am not ruining my computer with that **** I don't look at that....I'm going thru "manopause" and I'm just not interested in sex anymore.

 The next morning I got up early and was sitting at the computer drinking my coffee....I thought well I'll check out the new computer program and see if there are some movies I would like to see. I don't even remember what 1st few letters of the movie I wanted to see I typed in but up popped all this **** he had downloaded after I had gone to bed the night before.....I went into orbit....that was it for me....went down and got his lazy *** out of bed and told him what I had found...then he tried to turn it all around on me and said I was "stalking" him on the computer and that he just looked the **** up to "confirm" his suspicions of me checking out the websites he was on??? WTF??

Then he said this is it.....take me to my mom's house in first I said no....she could send him a bus ticket....but then he said he would steal my car and never bring it back (the only car I had). I told him I didn't have any money to take him because they had already taken the house payment out of the bank...He told me I was a liar and went on and on......I decided then and there that was it.....he was out of here TODAY. I went and filled my car up at the local gas station and wrote the check out for $30 extra...then I went to the grocery store and wrote another bad check for $50. I knew that money would get me to Tenn. and back with a few extra $ for food at Mcdonalds. I took him to his mom's This was Sat. On the way there he was screaming at tme that he would F his ex wife everyday he was there and her new husband (who was working in Louisiana on the pipe-line) would get his *** beat if he came back and said anything I told him I was going to e-mail her new husband and tell him what he said. He told me if I did that he would beat my *** too. He said so many nasty degrading things to me on the way down there. He said I was a dumbass for ever trusting him and he was going to get him someone else with money and take them for all they had too. Get him a fine ***** dancer and she would give him all her he was a pimp or something...LOL

About half-way down there he started asking me "why are you crying"? Well I love you and our marriage has just fallin apart....then he said "well how about if we give it 30 days apart and he would stay down there for a month and we would "work on it"??? I was the only one working on it at that point I was going to counceling but he wasn't.... he didn't have a problem it was all me??? I knew he wasn't coming back he packed everything he owned and our computer.... minus any pictures of me......that's why there were no pictures of the other woman he had 2 kids with in Texas...because he left her the same way he left me.....when she started getting wise to his crap and getting on him he left her too (this is exactly why I am writing my story I don't want any other woman to go thru the hell that I went thru with this guy).

When I got home I did what I had promised I would do....I e-mailed his ex-wifes new husband on Facebook....we were all friends on ironic....within 1 hr I got my last 2 phone calls from him....."I HATE you" YOU ARE RUINING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES" "WE ARE THRU" (like we weren't already thru). Its funny how I was just repeating the TRUTH in that email....and i was VERY respectful in the e-mail....I told him that they were great people and that Donny had moved in next door and I didn't think it was right that he should be visiting over there while the husband was gone (and him using the kids as an excuse to be there) ....I EVEN said that I would trust the ex-wife but not Donny....I told him it was disrespectful to him and me...that Donny would be over there 24/7 like I know he planned on doing.

The next week I got cussed out by the ex-wife....she said it took everything not to come down to my house and "whip my ***" HMMMM wonder why she was so upset when I never accused her of anything....maybe I spoiled their little plan....ya think???? Guess you can take the ******** out of the ***** club but ya can't take the ***** club out of the ********!!!!!
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May 4, 2011