I Will Post Nudes Only...

..if I get at least 10 comments on this post. ;D

I posted them (:
wh0r3 wh0r3
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20 Responses Sep 24, 2012

post em

I'm interested. ;)

Would love to see them

why the frown? i'm sure they're fantastic. please add me, for some reason, i cannot add you :(

I'd love to see those boobies.

add me, i will comment

how about one more

This is a comment for comment's sake to advance the cause of nudity for nudes' sake!

What? Only 6! C'mon people!

So far only 6 people have commented. Not including me. armyguy it has to be from 10 different people.

I don't think you'll have any trouble getting ten comments on this at all :)

According to my count, this makes 10!

Comment comment

One more comment coming at ya!

Here is another

Here is a comment!

Count me in... ;)

do they have to be from 10 different people?

Yes (:

hmmm.... maybe i will go create a few bogus accounts

you might be able to pull that off.

wish i had more guy friends online tonight

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I need 8 more. I should have put that my comments do not count in this. (;

I want to see your nudes very much.