;pot Is Harmful With My Type Of Mental Illness

AS A teen i smoked pot who did not in the 60,s but for me it caused paronia i was not aware of my ocd and i knew i had high anxiety so many years later i wondered if it would have the same effect on me, so about a month ago i triedsome but lo and behold it made me paranoid my anxiety got much worse i had to take a clonopin right then and there so for me i can,t use it. i talked to a girl with schizophrenia she tried it ppl she was hanging said it would help her well come to find out her brain chemistry was getting much worse her doctor was concerned about her now i canniot speak for others pot helps some ppl i guess it depends on your type of illness i personally would like to know the ppl it helps and ppl it hurts., but for me i cannot use it. vinny
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I cant smoke pot it makes me extremely break out in sweats, and have to go directly to bed until it goes away.If I smoked some a half a block from my house i would not be able to make it home.I just cant handle it and stay away from it.Everbodys different and keep doing the drugs they cant handle and end doing stupid things that either they end up in jail or dead.

well i don,t use ant drugs i use prescription stuff for my ocd anxiety and depression but i don,t use street drugs at all.lol