For Lease: Beside Frayed And Jagged Heart


I have this space beside my heart that’s up for rent it seems.     

The contents are tossed around a bit and out go all my dreams.

The embers all, but, slumber the ashes mount not burn;

At thirty- five and counting I was sure this page was turned.


 My silly memory just scribbling down this chapter still unread,

I grope like a blind man over Braille I can’t get you outta my head.

Promises and photographs, secrets and a passing glance,

You and I side by side, but I’ve never been given the chance.


So many duck for cover and withhold as means of control,

I sit and wait for silence as the story of my life unfolds.  

I scratch my head and question what I keep on doing wrong.

I break the knob to the’re there-- song after song after song.


In the meantime I’ll keep my eyes peeled dancing across the crowd.

Until my twin soul is revealed and being true to my self is allowed.         

I know what my life is lacking and I covet the missing piece,

So for now the space beside my heart is being marked “For Lease.”


LilBuddy LilBuddy
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 25, 2010

I pray that you soon find that which you are looking for. <br />
<br />
Many blessings to you my friend.