I Was the Original Founder of This Group Way Back When

it's so funny i came across this.  i thought it sounded familiar.  and now i know why; because i made it up.  it still applies, you know, i'd still love to know where to get a refill for this empty hole in my chest.  has anyone got any answers?

trixi trixi
41-45, F
3 Responses Apr 18, 2008

I really cannot believe you would have the gawl...look for your last story in I love animals...especially dogs and for the record I would never block you. All you had to do was asked me to leave...this place sucks....Now again...about that hole in the heart.....anybody got anything to stick in my gaping wound?????

Joy...if you find it there....it is hard to keep it in the cup or in the heart and as of late my cup runneth over....feel free to stand close and get a little on ya!!

I thank you for making up the group...it was so fitting for what I was feeling and I hope I did your group justice...hope more members follow...cause we need some answers over here!! :)