You Dont Get a Refill

sorry if that sounds bitter, believe me i am far from bitter. i remember when i first found out my husband was cheating on me. and like a complete moron, as if i had done something wrong, i immediately poured my heart out to him. he said nothing. he gave me no answers. and even today, i still have no clue why he cheated and left his family behind. but i do know that i practically begged a man who treated me like dirt to stay. i dont know what i was thinking, perhaps i was afraid of change or perhaps i was thinking of the kids, or maybe i was just selfish and didnt want to lose someone that i had come to consider as mine. but needless to say, there is no refill. no one is going to come along and make things better. so i've decided to change, not for anyone, but for me. i get out of bed, i play with my kids, and i've even started flirting, kinda, when i go out. the whole idea is still weird to me, but i guess after 7 yrs with one man, the idea of being with another makes you feel kind of awkward. but i'll get there......after you pour your heart out, you dont get a refill, but instead you reach a realization.

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Now that almost two years have gone by please share with us if you are feeling better about life now.<br />
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You are a beautiful young lady, and the right guy will come into your life, I just know it.<br />
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Love, Light & Blessings

thank you miseducatedchik. <br />
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i love your avatar

haha....very good point!!

{{hugs}} thanks tzi

Good going Anti. get the realization of MANY things, and that you are beautiful, intelligent, and more than anything, WORTHY. You are WORTHY, and don't let anyone tell you any different.<br />