Does It Come In Bulk?

I've poured my heart out so many times over the years that I couldn't even begin to count them.  I think it goes beyond empty sometimes, it creates a vacuum that tries to suck the life right out of a person.

I've done this over and over, until finally there just isn't anymore to pour out, there isn't anything left to give.  Then, another person comes into my life and it starts all over.

I'll order my refill in bulk, thank you.  Can I get a couple of 55 gallon drums?  Hey, if I put in a outside tank can I have it delivered like fuel oil?

There is a happy ending, however.  Another person came into my life just a half dozen years ago, and guess what.  She listened.  Not only that, but she understood, and could even relate from her own experiences.

I don't have to pour my heart out very often anymore.  In fact, she often knows before I do that something needs to be let out.  Then, after pouring my heart out to her, she refills it with love and compassion... I sure hope she has a life time supply.

darknight darknight
46-50, M
Sep 15, 2008