The End Is Near

As we pass the time away sitting watching tv hanging out and everything else we do in our lifes

what have wee done to make things better for ourselfs and everyone around us

the end is coming and yet we are still in the same place we have been all this time

we are still fighting the same wars people are still starving the is still sickness deasies

with everything we have doon to better the world we havent really done nothing to change it

we must end all of this nonsence if we want to grow as a human race

we have to put this petty bs behind us and move on there has been to many people that have died over

something or even nothing all we have done in this world is bring pain and saddness

there is no reason for that for once lets try to work together have one race to make this a better place while we still have a chance

before it is tolate  to do anything about it

if we dont then this time here as a human race will have been for nothing all the wars pain saddness all for nothing

atlest if we try to change while we have the chance none of this will have been for atlest something

we must stand together everyone here as one voice and try to do the best to chance this world

lets face it the world is dieing and we are we and everything on it

soon there wont be nothing left just blood stained rocks tear filt rivers

all it will be is a waist land of our destruction

lets chance all that

let the blood we have shed for many year wash away all that hate and pain and suffering

let the tears bring new life to this planet we call home

lets bring it back for death and start again with a new beginning

it doesnt have to be the end this is only the beginning of something much bigger

and with your help and support we can change things and we can be leaders of our own lifes and be happy

for those that read this i thank you and please with your help we can change things with your ideas and opinions we can make it work

we need to unit the world as one  

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 4, 2010