The Truth

There has been alot of things hiden for us humans from our goverments our churches from everyone we are supose to trust well i am going to let you know these thing which they hide and this is what what i have come to know as the truth or atlestn this is what beleave first i would like to start with religion most people have there own thoughts about it veiws opinions but here is the truth as i see there is a god and heaven and hell there is a devil and he does his job good takeing us from god like they say the best trick the devil ever played was to make us think he wasnt real i warn you he is but here is what you didnt know about him he is working for god as his opasit how can we know love happieness and all those good things if we dont feel the bad if we didnt have the pain and suffering we would taje the good for granted

how what happens when we did good people go to heave bad people go to hell right or shuld i say the saved goes to heave the unsaved go to hell right wrong we will all go to hell for the most part but for how long it depends on you the saved go to heave true they are svaed but for the right i think depeneding how you are in life there is alot that could happen you get a second chance to do it again or you spend your time in hell or you pay for it while you still alie with carma just depending on how bad you are and if you learned you leason while you were alive

now in saying this i have told you some stuff that i would like to beleave is the truth now why arent we told this truth we have been told this through many religions we are just blind to see it god has sperd out the truth over many relgions so we could learn to work together in learning the truth he wont tell us truth straght out because what would be the point to live here if we couldnt learn and grow as a race

sadly we havent we have fail in this all we have done was fight over the truth we should site down and try to learn from everyone else then and only then we will know the truth i have told you some of it but there is alot more to learn i cant learn it all myself even though i have tried but to much information for me to goes threw

i hope this has help some a little atlest


thank you for your time

your friend


ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 5, 2010