What If

Have you ever woundered about the what ifs in ife what if this happened what if that happen

Well what if it did what would that mean for you or anyone else around you

every choces we make makes us and everyone around us who we are

lets look at it this way what if pheonix didnt get hurt as a child would she have been able to change our lives around i know

there are some people out there that have been affected by her i am one of those people

even though her past was bad it made her what she is today and strong beautiful you lady

now i know that it is hard to change the past as much as we want to we just have to remember we must be carefull of what we do

we might just end up hurting someone

and ruining a life or many

we must go through this life with love and trust

even now pheonix loves everyone of her friends and trust them with out wanting anything in return

all she wants is a better world so that nothing like what she went through to happen to anyone else

so let us remember what she has tough us and keep in our hearts and try to be more like her

we should all learn to love and trust one another with out wanting it back in return

so what if the rest of this would was more like her

it would be a better pleace

so keep in mind what if this never happened or what if it did happen

where would we be who would we be

would we be better or worse does it even matter

and if it does who does it matter to you

if it did matter to you i dont think you would have done all the bad things you have done

so next time you are in a spot where you know it could effect people around you or others in the world even

though you might not notice

remember what if what if you do it what if you dont would it matter to any if not to you

then who

will you be the same person for it would you be a better person or worse off

will they be better for it or worse off

who knows what will happen but are you willing to take that chance

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 5, 2010