Whats Left

After everything is all said in done in the world whats left really what do we have to show for our time here

have we earned the right to even call this world home do we treat it like one at the end of the day what have you done to make

your home a home if anything

we call this world we live in home why because we live here or because like a home we take care of it love it make it something we can be prud of

yet if it is a home why do we trash it destory all its beautie kill its living creatures that the earth loves so much

so in the end whats left alot of distroction and saddness pain and suffering

is it worth it why do we do this to eachother because of the way they look color of skin what they beleave

who they are attercated too SO WHAT what does it matter why should it matter to you it there life not yours i am sure there are stuff about you no one likes

but you dont see them trying to get kill you or hurt you get over yourself your not the only one around and lives no one is better then the nexted

we can try to be better then others but what does that prove that you only thing of yourself if you have to be better then the next person

we need to get over all of this petty bs if we dont then this time here will be pointless

then there will be nothing left just our hate and the pain and suffering we havr brought to this world

is that what we really want or do we want more like to be happy i am sure that is something everyone wants

just to be happy and live there life the way they want with out jugement

so why do we do it then if we want to be happy we should try to make everyone else happy at the sametime

because the fact is as long as there is someone willing to hate

hate will bread but so does happieness if there is more love and happieness

there will be no more hate hate wont have nothing to bread off of

so whats going to be left in this world when it is the end of the day hate or love and happieness you decide

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

i'm listening...i like it and understand it...