Whats The Point

My friends today has been a day that i had alot to think about

and i have come to relize

What Is The Point?

what is the point of waking up in the morning what is the point if going about yourlife

there is no point in it unless we make it a point to atlest try to make someone else day that much better for them

even if it is just with a smile a smile can go along way and so do nice words

there is no point in being mad and makes others mad just because you are

all that is going to do is make it harder to live your day

sure there are somethings in our lifes that get so down and **** us off

sure we get mad or sad

but there is no point in it there is nothing we can do about what is happening

i know it is hard when you dont have enough money to pay the bills or car or anything else

and i know you get mad about it you get stressed out

but why is any of that going to make you get the money for it will being mad or stressed going to pay the bills

truth is its not so why do it whats the point in it there is no point

if we were all just took the time to relax and thing we can find a way to get that money we need or fix that problem that is making us feel

that nagetivity

remember postive energy flows much smoother than than nagitive energy

and i know it is easier said than done but it doesnt hurt to try what do you have to lose besides a stress headack

so naxt time you start to have a negitve just ask yourself is there a point to me feeling like this will it help

and if it is no than take a deep breath relax and enjoy the day because tomorrow just might not come and you do not want to lose that day with all that nagitive attditude might as well in enjoy it while we have the day

and when tomorrow comes who know things might just come up in your favore

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 8, 2010