Who Are We

Who are we really why are we here what is the reason for all of this

These are question as have all asked ourselfs through out our lives the fact is there is no real anwser to those questions

the fact is we are nothing everyting something we are people human mothers fathers sons daughters and so on

and the fact is we are all part of a family that streaches over nations oceans to the beep parts of the world

as much as we are different are much alike we all want the samethings feel the same feelings we all cry laugh

so then why do we hurt eachother is there pain less importent then our own

who are we

we are everything we are the monsters that kids are scared of we are santa that kids believe in we are the hate we bring to others

we are the dreams of the past we are dreams of the future we are also the nightmares

the nightmares of the persent

past generations dreamed of a better world and tried to give us that world in hopes we had a better life most dream the same for the kids now

but many make living now such a nightmare that people are scared to do anything to make this world a better place

why is that is it greed that drives these people the hate of past experiances the lose of love

what ever it is that drives these people to do so much harm we must try to understand their reasons and try to help them to change

if we hate them then we are no better than them we must forgive those who have hurt us and understand that there was something worng with them when they did hurt us

and we should try to help them to see the pain they cuased that the pain they had giving the reason to hurt us has moved on to us breading and growing

we are all products of someone else pain happieness love for what ever reason we are who we are because someone has made us that way

and we have to see that even though they did hurt us we are not going to let that hate and pain grow to take over someone else life

we must stop all of it now before we become a product of pain and suffering and our world will be consumed with that and it will burn out of controle destroying everything the people have dreamed of and fought for and died for

dont let that happen lets put out of blaze of hate and pain with our love for one another that is our reason for being here

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

i am glad i was able to help you and there is still alot to learn

I admire your point of view, it opens up my eyes and givesnew meaning to what I have learned