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 I was raised Catholic. My mom took me and my brother to church on Sunday. We did most of our Sacrements. Then when I was a teenager we joined a Chrisitan church and then a Baptist church. As an adult I don't attend any church. Neither do my kids. I read the bible and I tell my kids all of the stories I heard growing up. We do believe in God. I have never doubted that He does excist. I just have a problem with organized religion. How are we supposed to believe in something that is filled with contradictions. I read the bible but I know that it was written by men. It may have been inspired by God but it was written by men. How are we supposed to know what is truly inspired by God and what was was a man's opinion. Parts of it were left out. It has been revised and rewritten so many times over the years. As much as I do have faith, Ialso have questions. How do we know what really happened and what has been changed or embelished, I  know what some people will say. They will say that believeing is all part of having faith. That is true, but I have a problem with blind faith. Maybe it is the cynical part of me. maybe it doesn't make me a good Christian, but who is. I have met alot Christians who are the most judgemental people I have ever met. I have Baptists who think that they can do no wrong. Don't even get me started on the Catholics. I am not trying to offend people. I am just saying that I don't get it. Everyone thinks that their religion is the one that got it right, but they can't all be right. They are all run by human beings. People make mistakes.  Are you really gonna base your whole life on something a bunch of men wrote thousands of years ago. If I write a book saying that you have to do cartwheels on Sunday and only eat barbque flavored chips on Saturdays to worship God, do you think people will follow it a thousand years from now? They might if I say it was inspired by God.

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Religious fanatics huh? Exactly, I wish one of them could answer how the hell was the bible created? who did it? how did they know all those things are real, I swear I heard they didn't know how to write back then.

my friends you both have vailed points in religion but we can not fight about who is right and worng trying to prove a point threw the bible is not the way to go but yet teach threw your own words what you have learned threw the bible for no religion is right but every religion has the truth but just parts of it once we are able to learn what every bible say we will not fully understand the meaning of gods plan so juging one for what they beleave is not much better then throwing your religion in someones faith i am a very spirital person and have read many religouse teachings and belife on life and spitiulality and i have found truth in all of them each say the same thing in their own way and how they have come to understand what god has told them as human we are not able to see the full truth of his plan because of the fact we are not yet ready to know or maybe it is that we dont want to know but like with everything else in life people dont like to be told that they are wrong but how are we ever going to learn what is write and wrong if we are not told we are wrong the bible tells us what is right and wrong but in away he has not told us anything for this time and age so there for we all need to learn for our selfs what is write and worng and yes god did appoint people to be incontrole of his word but as we have seen in the past that people will twist his words around to fit what they want so i think purplehaze is right in teaching the word of god to her kids the way she knows best and i think it is the best way to do it to teach it threw your own words and not use the worlds god used or the bible uses but her own so that her kids get the point of it in a way a kid knows how people have different ways of learning things and like to teach things that way but it is not the right way for certin people now 3twode you have your way of teaching which is teaching the word of god the way it was written but do you really thing a child would understand it or would a kid understand the word of god by how only a mother could teach it threw stories now i think you should both do is get on the same page and help eachother so that purplehazes kid and yours 3twobe if you have any can learn threw the only way they know how threw stories 3twobe give purplehaze good stories for her kids purplehaze well i know how you are so just leason to what 3twbe has to say take what you need from her and use it the rest dont worry about in this i hope you both find a levea playing field of learning please this is not a a group for fighting but for learning if we fight on here we are no better then those who start wars over their belifes <br />
so please lets learn from eachother and not fight we are all family here

Okay that is way too much. This is my point exactly. How is that suppossed to do anything but annoy me? I am not even sure what the hell you are trying to say. I believe in God. I believe that He is the cause of every blessing that I have. I don't believe that anyone should have religion shoved in their face. I don't believe that you are any closer to God than I am because you have memorized the bible. I may not be able to quote scripture at the drop of a hat, but I don't feel that I need to in order to have a relationship with God.