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The earth has underevolved into a  world of crisis. People are getting dumber, sicker and are showing that they are lower lives than animals. They just don't notice how stupid they can be, death hits them right in the face and they don't react, they aren't learning from their mistakes they aren't doing anything for what is happening to the world. Everyday I turn on the tv and people go yadah, yadah, yadah, with the end of the world, 2012, humans go extinct, but hello, wake up, no oneis doing anything just sitting in the couch and say "Omg!!!! I'm gonna die" I sincerely do not believe in this end of the world, I believe in the end of humanity. But I'm glad when I see other people doing something about there lives, maybe they can open the eyes of those i deep sleep.

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Thanks Raven, u always open up my eyes, I hope if u open up others too. I'll make sure to tell others more about this and do something myself too.

the world end yes and you are right angelreflection not many are doing anything but just sitting and watching as with beautiful world is destoried <br />
if its not in 2012 it will be sometime but for the ones that think the world will end in 2012 <br />
why not do something to make it a better place before it ends it is not to late we still have a chance <br />
to change things inseted of sitting around doing nothing we should be doing some you are right <br />
and i think the time will come soon for us to do something about it <br />
even just in our own lives helping people out there is not much i can do right now but try to <br />
open others eyes to what is going on <br />
i am not trying to change peoples lives or the world even but change the way people see <br />
their lives and the world <br />
and there is alot being missed we must act now and try to change the way people see the world <br />
i am here as a messenger <br />
for who i dont know but all i know is that i am a messenger and i have been sending the message<br />
that we need to change <br />
and as my friends and students family <br />
you must take this messeage i have sent to give it to others <br />
and spreade it so that the world might hear it <br />
you must relize this is just one group with few people but many read what we write <br />
and now we must move beyond E.P and start going to different sites and spreading the messeage <br />
or bring people in to this group so that they can follow our message and learn from it <br />
but sitting around here and talking is the samething as not doing anything yes people do read this and learn but still many dont so we must move on from here and spread the world <br />
you are my voice now <br />
use it <br />
<br />

Might be a good way to show it ;/