FCAR F3 auto diagnostic scanners power supply has four kinds of ways,(take F3-G auto diagnostic scanners example) as shown in Figure 3.1.1

. Power supply by power adapter
. Power supply by main testing cable, connector and vehicle diagnostic socket
. Power supply by connection of cigarette lighter with vehicle
. Power supply by connection of battery terminal line with vehicle battery

Figure 3.1.1
Cable Connection Method
Option of power:
If the diagnostic socket not with power supply,
Can choose ① ③ ④ in 3.1.1 one of these three
power connection methods to provide power
for car diagnostic scanners.
If the diagnostic socket with power, you do not
need to connect another power cord.
The connection of testing cable as shown in Figure 3.1.2Power source and testing cable how to connect fcar car diagnostic tool

The prerequisites for vehicle:
1 Confirm the diagnostic socket location, shape, and whether need for external power supply.
2 Select the appropriate connector base on vehicle model and shape of diagnostic socket.
3 Connect one end of the main testing line to the other end of main unit diagnostic connector.
4 Plug diagnostic connector that connected with the main testing line into the vehicle diagnostic socket.
5 Confirm that main unit with power and start up.

Remark: Diagnostic interface in Fig.3.1.2 is standard OBD-II interface, when connecting, 2 ends of main testing cable are required to separately connect with OBD-II connector and Fcar auto diagnostic scanners, plug OBD-II connector into vehicle diagnostic socket to finish connection.
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