I Practically Live At Walmart.

I go to Walmart to shop so often that it seems that I'm living there.

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5 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Mitchan Marureen, Yep, it IS very nice of me, isn't it.<br />
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slugacre, if that's true about Sam, sounds like he didn't care as much about the US by giving his billions to undeserving heirs.<br />
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Screw you all! This was suposed to be light hearted!

Poor old Sam must be rolling in his grave knowing what they have done to his store. He promoted American made products while he was in charge. I'm not taken by the stores' anti union bias either. When he died, he could have left $70,000 to every employee and still left each of his undeserving heirs a billion.

Comp, LOL!

I moved into the electronics section last week!!!! LOL!!!

I used to be like that....i watched a documentary about walmart and it made me not want to shop there as much....but I still get my fix at 2:00 in the morning! Haha :) only every once in a while.