My Beliefs Never Coinside With That Of Most.

I believe in a christian like way but ultimately I believe it is the energy inside that makes us kin to God. I also believe that the other deities and religions exist and have some validity but I believe we are called to realize they are not ultimate power. I don't judge people can it doesn't bug me. I study "things forbidden to members of the church". All except satanism the darkness there just does not suit me granted demonology I look into a bit but I don't go looking for trouble. In my eyes all religions exist all beliefs and deities and in the end there is an ultimate one that is pure energy that chirstians define as God. Long as you realize who is in power I think life and religion isn't all that complex.
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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

I'm the same way lol... I don't think everyone has to follow an organized religion, if you can make your own beliefs. When people ask me what religion I follow, and I say it's my own nameless religion, they act like I'm a weirdo. But belief doesn't have to be black and white, right?

Precisely I just claim to be a neo christian.