My Favorite Affirmations

-My seat of power lies within.

-I am surrounded by beauty I have drawn to myself.

-I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

-Universal Mind flows with my intentions.

-I am eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.

-The Universe is abundant. All my needs are met.

-My life is heroic. I acknowledge and honor each step I take.

-I am a child of the Universe, Divinely guided, and always safe.

-Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all grievances, resentments and regrets and choose the miracle.

Peace. Be still.

-Peace to my mind, peace to my body, peace to my emotions, peace to my spirit.

-Every cell in my body has Divine knowledge of the perfect pattern.

-I see with loving eyes.
datura datura
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:) Am i ever glad to read this story again today. I just love reminders like this at the very time i need them. Thank you :)

That is absolutely true, Juan. They work on so many levels.

I believe in the power of affirmations. In my own life, nearly all of what I have envisioned for myself has come to fruition. Therefore, it is important to maintain a way of thought that is both positive and good. Affirmations are a useful tool in keeping thoughts on the right track.

It is amazing, Owl. I am very thankful for this community of good people that I feel a part of.<br />
<br />
Peace and love to you, my dear friend.

It's amazing how EP can work at times. ((hugs))

I think the Universe is reminding us all today, Juan!

You are starting at the right place, Owl. When I said it was the most powerful one, I meant it in the best way. It has the potential to bring peace and make real change in our consciousness when we can truly relinquish all grievances, resentments and regrets and choose the miracle.

These are good ones!<br />
Thanks for reminding.

datura, that is so typical of me, dive in the deep end. But I think it's where I need to start, even though Confusius says "it's a fault to cling to a fault"

Owl, that affirmation is the most powerful one of all.<br />

Spring, I'm reading Deepak Chopra's new book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to bring more peace into their lives. He gives really good techniques for achieving peace and awareness!

That's just what I'm looking for.<br />
<br />
-Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all grievances, resentments and regrets and choose the miracle.<br />
<br />
I'm afraid I've dropped the ball, but now going after it :)

You're welcome Owl. I'm glad you like them. They really do help, at the very least, to keep us in the right fr<x>ame of mind. But it's even more than that. They work on our subconscious mind to create real peace in our lives.

Thank you datura for this. And thank you spring for leading me here. I'm printing this out now.

If I am annoyed by a rude clerk at a store and begin to say "Peace, be still" out loud, I think the situation would further deteriorate because the clerk would think I was talking to them ;-)<br />
<br />
I can use them anywhere if I say them mentally!

I usually work with one or two at a time, either saying them out loud or just mentally, or sometimes writing them out over and over in a notebook I keep for that purpose. During the day one will pop in my head when a situation occurs where I could use the wisdom of the affirmation. I suppose it's because I have worked with them for so long that they are ingrained.

Thank you, Mother!

Zoggie, I think that one went right over my head this time!

Hmmm, Zeggle.....I believe the exact quote is "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" , is it not?<br />
<br />
So, does this make you a.......nah! <br />
<br />

Thank you for sharing some of your affirmations, Smokeseek. I love what you say about feeling the subtle shift. It is a very powerful technique and when done with intention and expectancy it certainly does create positive change, and for me, a feeling of empowerment.

Very powerful I recently started mine again. And I have to say in only a week of repeatedly saying them, I feel the subtle shift of the universe bending its ear toward me.<br />
<br />
I am a radiant being of light and love.<br />
<br />
I am a child of God, goodness and mercy follow me always.<br />
<br />
My lie is blossoming in perfect synchronicity with God's will for me, there is nothing that will happen to me that God and I can not handle together.<br />
<br />
I am financially solvent. All my debts are paid.<br />
I am smoke free and holistically fit.<br />
My career utilizes all my talents, and allows me to provide for my family with abundance.<br />
I am happily married to wonderful woman, who is also my best friend; sharing the rest of our lives together.

A prayer in the spiritual guidebook A Course in Miracles says that every decision we make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. By letting go of grievances, we choose miracles, because grievances are the melodrama of the ego that overshadows the spirit. When you relinquish all grievances, judgments, and resentments, you truly break free and find your soul. (from the book Power, Freedom and Grace)<br />
<br />
WMYTIN, it really refers to how we decide to look at our lives and the world. Whether we choose to see through the eyes of negativity and resentment, regrets for things we've done or not done, and with grievances we feel have been done to us, or whether we decide to look at things another way and have the miracle of peace exist in our lives.

I love that one too, Analyzer. That one is from Chopra and he took it from A Course in Miracles. I have a meditation CD in which Chopra repeats it and explains it. It is very moving. That affirmation can really turn things around for me.

Thanks, ABL! And I would like to add that the comments are probably worth reading. It was an interesting dialog!

Thank you, destry :-)

I'm so glad you found it helpful, Dear Anna. I continue to work with them daily and find a lot of peace and benefit from making it a practice.

Datura, I plan to borrow this affirmation. I began this morning! Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you Ladee.

I was pretty sure you felt that way. Its just that I meet so many people who feel their path is the ultimate way to the solution of all things. I am in the heart of the Bible Belt.

I agree with you FT and would never advise anyone to try to heal themselves of depression,or for that matter, an infection that requires antibiotics, or a broken leg-- by using affirmations, meditation and visualizations.<br />
But even if a person suffered a chemical imbalance and needed a medication , affirmations and meditation could help them stay calm and centered and focused on healing rather than dwelling in despair.<br />
<br />
Even though I feel affirmations are helping me with my eye disease, I still see my doctor every four months.

You mentioned the duality of good and evil. But many people argue that evil does not exist in and of itself. They use the analogy that you used above, when you said that "darkness is merely the absence of light."<br />
<br />
Also, I do think you are approaching what I call Truth in your spiritual journey, but some things puzzle me. I totally agree on the benefits of meditation, visualizations, and affirmations; I believe they only work when the mind and soul are still whole, even though maybe wounded.<br />
<br />
But I think that often they cannot heal the chemical imbalance caused by disease or horrendous experience. The scars may be too deep and the brokenness too complete. These conditions may be beyond our own ability to heal, and may need the help of others, including science with it medications.

thanks, Kirsche.I'll check it out:)

You can find more affirmations at

Thank you, Warmth. That is exactly what they do, isn't it.

Thank you, Alan. I do not ascribe to dogma or organized religion. But I do know what feels right to me.

datura -- That is very inspiring. You have found a good path. The beauty of it is that it's a path you have created for yourself.

There is no reason not to combine several techniques. Meditate if you feel aligned with that. I meditate. I do visualizations. I do journal writing to clear negative emotions. I work with present moment awareness. <br />
<br />
Why don't you create an affirmation that resonates with your intention for your life and just try repeating it to yourself a few times in the morning, and then throughout the day whenever you think of it. How else will you know if it has any value for you? It won't cost you anything. It can do no harm. It could do a lot of good!<br />
<br />
I actually write my affirmations in my journal each morning. It helps me focus on my intentions for myself for the day. I have a degenerative eye disease. Much to my doctor's amazement, the progression has slowed remarkably. He tells me that whatever I am doing, I should continue to do it. Each morning I write., "I see with loving eyes. I see with loving eyes. Every cell in my body has divine knowledge of the perfect pattern". This is meaningful to me. I believe in it. I am seeing results.<br />
<br />
There are many theories as to why affirmations work. I don't want to get into all that. But, Alan, they also make me feel good. Feel proactive.

datura -- I'm coming from a position where I'm trying to understand affirmations better in terms of how some people can have them work for them, and other people seem to fail in their efforts. I recently read a running book that talked about affirmations in the realm of running.<br />
<br />
I theoretically believe that affirmations, done right, can work. But I'm not sure about the nuts and bolts. I've used cognitive techniques which are probably different than affirmations in the traditional sense, but which might be leading towards the same ob<x>jective.<br />
<br />
Then there is a part of me that wonders if a more meditative approach would be right for me.<br />
<br />
I'm asking you about affirmations, because you seem to be very knowledgeable, and seem to have had success with your efforts.<br />
<br />
Thanks for your patience.

Yes, detachment is a part of it, which I wrote about elsewhere. I place great stock in detachment .<br />
<br />
I guess I was just puzzled by your agenda when you began asking questions on this story. I, perhaps, totally misread your intention. I really still don't quite know what it is you don't understand about affirmations:)<br />
<br />
I come from many places, Alan, I come from my degree in psychology sometimes, From my spiritual beliefs sometimes. And sometimes I can come from defensiveness (unnecessarily at times) when I don't know why someone is questioning me.

datura -- I think it's a way of altering the monkey mind, but it's still monkey mind. I'm not necessarily saying that positive thinking is good or bad. As I've gotten older, I suffer less from my thoughts. The thoughts still exist, but I don't attach to them as much, and hence the suffering is less.

Good and evil are a whole other thing from positive thinking.Back to the duality which is a part of this world.

I also read and appreciate Eastern spiritual perspective, but I don't see affirmations as un-Eastern . I do not use affirmations to drive negative thoughts out of my mind, but simply as the better choice instead of negative thoughts.<br />
<br />
Can you agree that it is better for mental health to think in a positive way and try to avoid depression that can be exacerbated by continually telling yourself how crappy your life is?<br />
<br />
It's just another way of controlling the monkey mind.

datura -- I'll have to think about that. Do you feel the same way about good and evil, or do you see them differently.<br />
<br />
I'm coming at this from more of an Eastern perspective and am suspect of one-sided coins.<br />
<br />
Thanks for humoring my questions.

Yes, we live in a world of dualities,Alan.But darkness is merely the absence of light.You are defining the terms differently than I am, I'm sure.<br />
I can choose a positive thought, or I can choose a negative thought. They are not necessarily opposite from each other.I can chose to wear red or I can chose to wear blue. If I chose red, I don't have to worry about what happened to the blue.<br />
<br />
What happens to the negative thought that I never had? How many negative thoughts that I never had can fit on the tip of a needle?

What happens to all your negative thoughts and energy? Is there such a thing as positive without negative?


I am the creator of my experiences. I create with Love and Joy!

Well, it is a deep subject (pun intended), and it works on different levels. First, and on the most shallow level, by purposely saying positive things to oneself, one can overcome the tendency toward negativity. One can become more aware of one's choice concerning the thoughts one thinks.One can choose not to wallow in negative thinking.<br />
<br />
The next level takes a lot more explanation, because it is a whole system of thought. If you are seriously interested, there are many good books available.

How do you find that affirmations change your reality?

Yes, a couple are from Chopra who I really respect and enjoy reading.<br />
I also enjoy Louise Hay very much.

Have you read any books by Louise Hay? She has wonderful books on gratitude, affirmations and the like<br />
<br />
I think one or two of your affirmations are from Deepak Chopra.<br />
Did I remember correctly?

I am getting a good list of books to read, thanks findinme you are a very special friend...hugs

Stuart Wilde "Affirmations"<br />
Shakti Gawain "Creative Visualization"<br />
Louise Hay " You can heal your life"

There are many books about postive affirmations. I just finished reading The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn, but Hicks Ask and It Is Given is a good one too.<br />
Suggestions Datura?

"I walk over it to my treasure"---I love that, findinme.<br />
<br />
We should continue to add to these. Thank you.

Wow where did you all find these affirmations, I need a few in my life, printed all these up they are very powerful. I need alot of affirmations to get myself going at the moment.

My favorite current affirmations are:<br />
"I am a magnet for abundance, beauty and joy" <br />
<br />
"I am divinely led, I follow the right fork in the road. God makes a way where there was no way."<br />
<br />
"I see the walls of lack and lonliness crumble away. I walk over it to my treasure."

My children are no longer toddlers! I have more time to hear myself think!

My affirmations are so simple and tiny, compared to yours. :)

My affirmations are so simple and tiny, compared to yours. :)