Affirmations Really Do Work

It's just amazing this business of practicing affirmations! 

I started doing affirmations a while back.   It's not an overnight glam slam.  That's for sure.  I kept at it & at it & to be honest it seems easy & it is easy.  The hard part is to keep doing it over & over & over again. 

The CD "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, that I downloaded from the e-library, has helped me tremendously.  I am seeing results that I never imagined.  It's waking up one morning and having all that you ask for! It's opening your mind to the possibilites everywhere & realizing that it has manifested itself into your life!  What a great joy! 

What you affirm will come to you!  I am very excited & grateful!

The concept is to be grateful, to ask for what you want & need in the now, & believe you deserve it & are going to get it & then the Universe takes care of the rest! 

I really wanted to share this success & positive change in my life with all of you in hopes that you will look into it.  In hopes that you will reap the rewards that I have from it.  Give it a real chance to let it materialize in your life! 

What have you got to lose?

Remember that it's challenging to repeat the affirmations continuously, but it's necessary in order for the affirmations to work.  Good luck! You can do it!





PiscesDream PiscesDream
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1 Response May 18, 2007

I have lived by this concept for over 30 years. and I have found whenever you give material things or money to someone who needs it you gain that back with interest in many ways, (I gave a homeless person $10.00 and by the time I got home I recieved a cheque in the mail for ten times that amount) this has happened over and over,I have a saying that I repeat daily- the inexaustible resource of spirit is equal to every demand, there is no reality in lack, abundance is here and now manifest. please try it and be prepared for changes,, Rose