I Use Affirmations All the Time

I have been studying this phenomenon for many years and have used it in some pretty amazing ways....unfortunately for all of that I still suffer the doubts and fears of will this work even I know it will.

I will share one major success using affirmations and that was this past christmas...our finances took a plunge and it looked like christmas would not happen here then I took myself in hand and reminded myself to stop worrying and start affirming since I am the creator   I started affirming that we would have a wonderful christmas and everything would be just the way I wanted it. The miracles started happening almost immediately. First we found just the right gifts for every person on our list at prices that were unbelievable. Pieces that were put on the shelves less than ten minutes before our arrival had just been drastically marked down, unexpected monies flowed into the house from unexpected sources that allowed us to purchase a full dinner and even a tree!

Christmas day every recipient of every gift was amazed at the packages they opened since they were fully aware of the financial situation and couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was so wonderful to see them so happy.

And that is just one of the experiences I have had with affirmations.

One I have found repeatedly successful is when something goes missing and I get myself calm and start affirming

Nothing is ever lost in the kingdom. {the kingdom being my home and family} Sure enough within hours the item, or its equivalent will show up...every time.


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2 Responses Jun 20, 2007

Interesting, sounds like something I need to learn more about.

Thank you for sharing that! I love hearing such positive stories. It helps me to read this stuff.