Amy's Story

I set out three years ago as an athlete to round out my routine and try something new... what I found was a whole different world. When I started my practice I pushed and pushed to the limits and trained to exhaustion. I felt like I had to be super woman and do everything 100% (which really meant 110!) and do it perfectly. I had some yoga back round and exposure but when I walked into the the hot room it blew it all away. I remember going in as an athlete thinking this will be a piece of cake fluffy stretch type of activity to add to my already intense workouts (kind of like going for an easy walk LOL) Needless to say I was hooked from the get go...... I went straight into a 4-5-6-7 day a week practice still going hard in the gym. Doing doubles and privates I was eager to grow and learn but in that so much of me was changing. Then the unthinkable..... I broke my hip in an injury that diagnosed a serious bone disorder that I know have to take daily injections for. I was back in the hot room two weeks later with my walker determined to rehab. I regained strength and range of motion... all was going well and after about three months my practice was feeling the same as it had before :) I would never run again do to my weak bones but discovered other loves like swimming and rollerblading. My hip though started to fail as the fracture being so close to the head of my femur caused a common condition in hip fractures called AVN. THey ended up after four surgeries in one year doing a total hip replacement. This brings us to today.... having to modify all hip openers and let my ego go completely by saying I CANT and Im not super human just that this is where my body is today and Im going to honor it




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31-35, F
Mar 19, 2010