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What I like about Buddhism most, is that it never aks you to stop asking questions. Unlike all other religions. Also because Buddhism is purely Indian religion but wonder why is Buddhism declined in India sometime in the middle ages...

I plan to visit Bodh Gaya this March to meet some monks and get answers to some of my questions.
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Good luck - In Kalama Sutra, the Lord Buddha encouraged critical thinking. These are the words of the Lord Buddha in Kalama Sutra.<br />
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Do not go by revelation or tradition, do not go by rumour, or the sacred sc<x>riptures, do not go by hearsay or mere logic, do not go by bias towards a notion or by another person’s seeming ability and do not go by the idea “He is our teacher”. But when you yourself know that a thing is good, that it is not blamable, that it is praised by the wise.<br />
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In "Kalama Sutra" Buddha emphasised the importance of critical thinking that involves seeing things in an "open-minded" way. Critical thinking helps to evaluate and challenge the thoughts and ideas and rethink conclusions in the light of new knowledge.

Thanks v much.