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Help Me Get Over My Fear Please.....

So Since I was a little girl I was afraid of people eating me. I silly and watched an Albert Fish documentary and his words in his letters haunt me. But a few months back I had my first encounter with a real cannibal on this site. I believe he is a member of this group. He was really polite and he only takes volunteers. I was of course scared out of my mind. But I turned the Idea over in my head, and I have come to the conclusion if one says okay to being eaten, it is okay. I know that it is a way of life and I am known to have an alternative lifestyle. (Not this far of an alternative though.) I do not want to be afraid of people I shouldn't. Please help me understand......
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hey, I've really seen a person getting eaten. Its not bed at all. Its gross, but who really cares?

Hi. You have really seen a person get eaten? That's cool; I have always wanted to see that or try to eat a person.

Was he/she alive? can you please tell the story?

Hi. You shouldn't be afraid of people. Sometimes people get eaten. It is a fantasy of some people to volunteer to be eaten, it happens. Maybe deep down, you want to be eaten.