MotherMoon Photo...

I take photos of each full moon of the year.

Now I am forced to add BLING! {have glitter in my veins!}

starry night

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10 Responses Dec 18, 2007

Yes,it has always been so.

Its different for sure!

Oh yes, the skyclad dancing.<br />
HEY!<br />
Thats my veil there hanging from the branches of the oak!<br />
hm<br />
Must have been the retching brew....

But I thought full moon rituals meant dancing skyclad under the full moon.

Thank you!

Very cool photo!

sparkle....gotta have it!

Hmmm. My comment on your other Full Moon story involves glitter...

Interesting. Intense. Almost violent.

The moon is not round in this photo because I was standing under a tree in Pine Grove...and the branches cover part of the moon.