The Now

“Yesterday is dead tomorrow is not yet,

NOW is the only time you have my friend“

In reality everyone is living in the now , even a second, a minute or an hour from now, it still be now. However the mind is not subject only to a present moment and for a very good reason. We still need to make plans for the future and access the past (which is our memory) when needed. But I have a difficulty at times blocking incoming useless information that wants to run and run distracting me from concentrating on what I am doing at the moment, therefore missing almost everything that happened in that particular time frame. I believe every second is count and with much practice I will be able to truly live in the now.

luda123 luda123
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Yeah it seems confusing, trying to come up with a balance of constant focus and attention in the now while formulating future plans. At this point, I'm putting all my effort in just being here, not thinking about the nonexistant past or future. I trust that once I am able to do this, live constantly in the now, things will start to unfold naturally and beautifully. (: