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i have been practicing magic now ever since i was old enough to.I first realize that i had powers was when i was about 2or 3 people would just pop up in my life and i will never See them again. this one lady i remember that she gave me this demon toy who would talk to me all the time and my mom and her friends will always want me to go with them because i would bring good luck and one time my mom wanted to know a answer to something and ask out loud and i said i can find out and i asked her did she wanted me to and she said no but i know she wanted me to and i did i went in this corner of my house and she asked the question and some how some way i relaxed and then it was like i was really there where the person was and seen everything he was doing right and i did not know how i did it until later in life.and she asked him when she sen him and it was true everything i reported to her.

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hey that is cool but you are right there is a big differents but i will tell you this there are so many different magic out there you would not even comperhen but anyway i have grown up in a big family that are priest/ess and the like and not to be an *** it **** me off when people who do not even pratice to tell some one about there life you do not even know me and besides the point have lived in my shoes no you have not do you know what it is like to live a life like i live no so how can you tell me how i lived my life you can't so please keep your comment to your self have your mommy thought you better to not say nothing if you can say something nice. you do not know me or how i lived so your comment has no push i really thank you for your comment and blessings

To be honest, I think you're full of it. A demon toy that used to talk to you? You had self-awareness at 2-3 years old, even though most people don't develop that until older in their childhood? Heck, kids who are 2-3 years old still don't understand what IS possible in life, much less realize that certain things can be classified as metaphysical.<br />
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But, let's say I'm wrong. Maybe you have really had all these experiences: the point is, none of these are magick. There's a major difference between having an ability and practicing a skill. Having astral projection experiences is not the same as practicing magick. Maybe you're surrounded by paranormal activity instead, or more sensitive to energies than most people? My mom is more sensitive, but she doesn't practice magick in a formal or ritual way.<br />
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I'm sorry if I seem a bit short, but I get easily peeved by people so willing to brag themselves up about things that are NOT magick. Magick is the trained ability to control energy for a set purpose, like a spell or ritual intended to cause a specific change.<br />
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Then again, i could be wrong, but honestly you sound a big hokey to me.

to finish what i was saying is this I was born with these a blessed gifts and my family has aways rejected me until they needed something happen and i never know why they always wanted me around but then hated me the whole time i was around.they know something but never told me until i realized it my self

thank you for your comments i never had anybody there to teach me i had to leran it all by meself can you imagine what it like to have sometime that