The Day My Life Changed

They say that September 11th 2001 was the day that the world changes. Well June 1995 was the time that my life changed because I began practicing martial arts. I have my life before martial arts and my life after.

I have been training with the Australian Freestyle Tae kwon do Academy since 1995, with whom I am a senior instructor, and I hold a 3rd degree black belt. Since then I have trained in Aikido, Muay Thai, boxing and MMA. Although I have rarely in my life been in a situation where I have had to use it, the benefits I have obtained from martial arts are of course, self defence, fitness, strength and flexibility. But the major benefits I have received are not physical. I have benefitted from incredible self confidence, self esteem, honesty, integrity, fair play, self belief, and satisfaction. I also learned how to set short term and long term goals. Through teaching I have learned the importance of giving back to society, and teaching others the power you get from positive thinking, because I have learned that anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough. And a skill I developed which is one of the most difficult thing to learn, is the ability and confidence to be a public speaker.

My wish is for everyone to learn a martial art so that they can benefit from the same skills I have learned
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31-35, M
Dec 10, 2012