My Training And Experience

I've been studying martial arts for about 10 years now. I started in taekwondo, but my master regularly exposed us to other instructors and incorporated the basics of other styles into our cirriculum. I studied Muay Thai in Thailand and Capoeira in England. I'm currently training in the Unified Fighting Arts system which teaches Jun Fan (Jeet Kune Do), Silat, Kali, Muay Thai, and submission grappling. I'm also learning Brazilian jujutsu from some instructors I work with at the martial arts academy in which I am employed. In addition to all of this I've been adapting training methods from Russian Systema and Krav Maga.

I'm also an active competitior in amature mixed martial arts. I feel these fights will help me better develop my skills and teach me about myself.

I understand this seems a little bulky in terms of what I practice, but while I do not claim to be a master in any of these styles, I do believe my training is effective. The way it's set up it all works together pretty well!

Forrest03 Forrest03
18-21, M
Feb 11, 2010