Maum Meditation Is The Best Thing In My Life!

After meditating, I feel bliss. And I accept what's happening in my life. With acceptance, a life is wonderful. Probably the world has provided me only good things but I couldn't see it. I enjoy to open my heart and just do the things without spending time to plan or worry. And I appreciate for this moment. :)

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Maum Meditation operates using deception , they hide the truth until they think you are ready to accept it.They won't tell you that after level 7 is another level, or what they sometime call it "culmination" process with the leader Woo Myung, it last about three weeks or so, you will be send to a camp in Argentina or Korea, or some other place, they will ask you to pay large amount of money for that, around $6000 , or more depends on your financial status. Maum Meditation fall under description of a cult. “Nobody joins a cult. Nobody joins something they think going to hurt them… “ Maum Meditation using subtraction technique, you will discard your memories- “pictures in your mind”. They have 7 levels of this meditation. Its one of brainwashing methods from Korea. People (most of them are ladies) who work there call them self “helpers”. The will tell you how good this method is and how happy they are, and how happy you will be. They will throw “love bomb” on you. They will offer you to come eat delicious Korean food and keep meditating more and more, if you complain about something they will tell you that you need to meditate even more. Until you be brainwashed and ready to serve them , very soon you will be on the streets recruiting new members. You will leave your family and loved ones. What maum helpers won't tell you is this that to pass level 4 you have to accept that Woo Myung is the Messiah, the creator of the Universe, they won't tell you that around level 3 or 4 you will be asked to donate large sum of money, they don't tell the truth until they get your mind controlled.

I am getting there too. It doesn't occur to me all the time but I feel very grateful for the most of the time.

Becoming happy... It comes true. It's so amazing that a pessimistic person like me have become optimistic and happy all the time. Even my family are surprised by my change. Maum Meditation really gives you happiness. :)

thank you for sharing your story!

I heard of Maum Meditation so many times.. I'm getting more interested in because my life is so stressful now.. I might try this soon.

I love Maum Meditation just because it made me happy. I didn't know I could be this happy in my life! I'm unconditionally happy. After I started Maum, I got to know what it is to be happy.

You are completely right!
I still can't believe that I am living the present moment!
I don't have any regrets of the past I am not dreaming about the future.
I'm enjoying every seconds, always happy and just happy ^0^

I totally agree! For me Maum Meditation is a natural, organic panacea. :-)

I feel so much better after practicing Maum Meditation. I JUST feel good. All the problems were caused from my mind, I found out. After having eliminated them, I just feel grateful for everything.

It is THE BEST thing for sure!

I have been practicing maum meditation for 6 months, it's been really great. My stress level has decreased, and I don't get upset anymore. My daily life is full of hope. This method is a monster!

Same things are happening to me through Maum Meditation. I'm so grateful to the fact that I came to this world and I met this meditation. Just I'm so happy with no specific reason.

I finally got to know what it is to open my heart and to be happy. The world is just beautiful.

I am appreciating for every moment at every moment as well!!

True appreciation from the deep inside my heart to the world and our original nature... Ahh It feels so good when my mind is empty!

Thank you.

That is wonderful to hear that! I feel the exactly the same way everytime I practice Maum!

I feel the same after practicing Maum Meditation! It's been only good since I started this 7 months ago.

Yes to that! :) I feel the same here too. Maum Meditation is amazing!

Wow I am being envy of you. I wish I could reach that state of the mind where it is filled with joy and gratitude. I am not there yet but I am working hard. Thanks for the good motivation.

I have the same feeling since doing Maum Meditation.
I used to panic about every little thing.
I would anylize and re-anylize everything to the point that my mind was exhausted.
But I since doing Maum Meditation, I accept everything.
Good or bad, I can accept.
And my mind is comfortable...VERY COMFORTABLE. Like a fluffy pillow.
It might sound funny or something, but that is the only way that I can explain it.

There is no stress "after the fact."
Because I have been able to discard the illusions in my mind.
Now I am open to the natural way of the universe and I can accept.

It's a pretty amazing thing to say that I think.
So Maum Meditation has enabled me to truly be in the moment and go according to the way the universe is telling me to go.
As a result, I am happier and healthier (body and mind) than I have ever been in my life.

Thank you Maum Meditation!!

I'm also practicing Maum Meditation. I searched about Maum Meditation a lot before starting it. But as soon as I had the first session, I felt I just did something meaningless. I've been doing this for about a year now and it's only giving me the benefits and helps me open my mind and broaden my view on everything. I feel like I'm becoming super peaceful. :)

Thanks for sharing your story ynetteho! I've been also looking for places to share my story with Maum Meditation. It is really amazing method to cleanse mind and you can actually experience it. I hope one day everybody meets Maum Meditation so they don't suffer from past.

yeah, now I quite agree with you. ynetteho. but a its been taken a time until i feel like that see a world of beauty this Maum raise me up

Wow. I am understanding what you mean. I have been doing maum meditation for 3 month. I am feeling more grateful about everything.

Now everyone seems to need this kind of thing. Especially, I live in New York, since hurricane came, everyone is in panic.. seriously.. People need mind healing.

I just got started with Maum Meditation. I liked the way the instructors approach Truth in a very objective way. I think this is the huge part where throwing away can be easier than other process. I haven't gone through this process long enough to make a judgment about Maum, however, it helps me to reduce the stress. That is the part I like about Maum Meditation.

Haha yeah. Living without false thoughts is what most people seek for. Make it count. It's wonderful there is actually a way to get rid of my discernment and self centered concepts.

It is very easy to follow all the practice methods guided at a Maum center. I started to feel difference in my life after about a month practicing Maum. It's one of the best way to reduce stress level.

This is best method to throw away all my burdens and stresses!

Yes. it is. it is same to me. After meditation, my mind become more positive.

Hi ynetteho, thanks for sharing your experience and fortunately I also have reached the mutual outcome- Extreme bliss. Maum Meditation is the genuine sensation! Just about the time when we needed a new sensation, here it is!! Maum Meditation :)

I would like to gratefully echo this your post ynetteho.

It is very powerful meditation continue,, bless you!!!