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I Want To Know Benefits Of Maum Meditation.

Hi! Everyone. I just want to tell you guys that I'm not in meditation person, but my girl friend she really loves meditation.
What she practice is named Maum Meditation . She has been convincing me years, and I finally decide to go there around next week. Before practicing, I just want to know benefits of Maum Meditation, and see how this meditation can help my life.
hamsury hamsury 36-40, M 38 Responses Nov 16, 2012

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Hey I'm sure you've tried by now but just to post to let anyone else who reads this about Maum Meditation. I finished the program and reached completion last summer and the benefits are really unlimited:
My relationships improved because I wasn't holding on to burdens from the past.

My confidence improved greatly as my mind became positive which lead to me being promoted in my career.

My health increased greatly including my sleep problems and high blood pressure.

My questions about the principles of the world are answered and much wisdom has been gained.

I know it sounds too good to be true which is what I thought after trying other venues to find true happiness that didn't work. But Maum Meditation really worked, and I hope you give it a try.

Well there are so many ways in helping your mind and body. First, since you are releasing all the unnecessary thoughts in your mind, you become much more in peace. When your mind is in peace so is your body. And, Shifting your perspective from the negative to the positive is really wide-opening. Being able to see the world from a broader perspective is quite amazing thing to experience. There are so much more, so hope you would find them by practicing for yourself. :)

There are many benefits. I would say the biggest benefit is becoming happy. You won't get affected by the external conditions around you as much. Your inner self, your mind, becomes happy.

The biggest change through maum meditation for me is that now I'm able to see things and people around me and actually appreciate them. It's like I'm a entirely new person or I'm living in a entirely different world, but actually what has been changed is my mind and my perspective to see the things.

Try maum! I'm having a dream like life after few months of attending this meditation program.
it is really simple and guided sessions.

You might have visited Maum center by now. I hope the introductory seminar helped you understand what Maum is about. Once you start meditating, you'll know how it really benefits you. For me, I became a really happy individual. All the bad things I'd been carrying on in my mind disappeared for good.

After maum, everyday is full of miracles, freedom and happiness :) The best decision I have ever made in my life was starting maum, I'm happy you've decided it, too :)

It will definitely do, I would say. :-) I'm wondering whether you've started it already or not. :-)You should look at this website:

There are so many benefits. From my experience, my stress level remarkably reduced (even proven from my regular medical checkup), my mind stays at calm and peaceful state all the time, and I don't get affected by the external conditions anymore. Maum meditation has improved the overall standard of my life :)

I'm much calmer than before and I sleep like a baby. (I had insomnia before I started this) This meditation makes you peaceful. Even when something difficult happens, I can throw away fast and easy. It's a good solution for me in many ways.

Yes even I want to know about Maum Meditation. I love any kind of meditation.

If I have to narrow down all the benefits from Maum Meditation, I would choose gratitude. As our self-centered viewpoint shifts from the universe mind, our capacity of embracing expands. Thus stress, worries, negative notions, anger, frustration, etc are reduced. Instead your mind is filled with the gratitude that will light up your mindset. It is amazing.

I love the song "I can see clearly now by Jimmy Cliff". Doesn't need to explain more.. Maum meditation is all about this song.

It helped me come out of my trauma that had always chased me everywhere. I now know I'm living with freedom. I can literally breathe properly. :) hope it helps you.

For me the biggest change or benefit I got from Maum is my attitude. I used to worry a lot and was very negative towards anything. I hated it but I couldn't help. Through this method of throwing away of maum meditation I really could get rid of all the negative thoughts and minds and all. After those negative things inside me were gone, now I can see things around me and face as they are. It's really relieving. I would highly recommend it.

The best benefit I would say is being free from all my thoughts which I have been dictated. It is quite amazing to see how my mind is calmed down and quiet just by doing this program. Naturally, stress level has been reduced for sure.

Among the countless advantages of Maum Meditation, one thing I want to share with you is that you would be able to see other people just as they are without any judgement or discernment. We see the World through our self-centered mind. But when the way of that we see the World is removed by this meditation, the method of subtraction, we can truly see the World just as it is. From that moment, your life will be a brand new one everyday and you can live just as you are

There are so many benefits. Everyone has lead a different life but what they experience through Maum Meditation is pretty common: Freedom. Freedom itself. No matter what you have done, what have wrecked your heart, you are no longer haunted by these things. Maum Meditation has the method of subtraction where you can just eliminate your false mind.

You can look back at your life, which would make a big change to the rest of your life.

You become more accepting towards everything and you can truly love your life!

Maum Meditation will be able to help you in many ways. It helped me a lot already. First, Maum has set me free from the anxiety attacks and fear which I have been living with for the longest time. Finding out the trauma was stored in my mind as the false images, and even being able to let them go was really amazing. As my mind is at peace, I began to feel more energetic and motivated to the life that was given. I became more grateful.

I was so glad to read all these great stories about Maum! Personally, I also had a a lot of positive experiences with Maum Meditation. First of all, the stress that I had to deal with almost disappeared. For me, there are some phases where it comes and goes, but for the most of the time, I don't seem to find any reasons to get stressed. It is amazing how this simple method can lift off all my overdue baggage.

Too many to list. No more worries about anything. no anxiety. no problems in relationships. complete freedom from myself and the constant thinking. no stress...literally, regardless of circumstances surrounding me. genuine appreciation and gratitude for all and if there is nothing at real, unconditional happiness. This method is beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Hi. Thanks for reaching out and asking about Maum Meditation.

For me, there have been so many positive effects. My life has changed for the better in every categogory there is.

To name one,

I really love people.
I know it sounds silly, but it's true.

before doing the meditation, I was really selective about who I spoke to and i judged everyone even though I didnt consider myself a judgemental person.
I was social I guess, but there was always a wall up with everyone.

But now I find myself really happy to talk to people and I welcome the opportunity to meet all kinds of people.
I can say, I really love people.
I love life.

Because I got rid of all the preconceived notions and judgements.

In my profession, I meet hundreds of people everyday.
Now I am loving every minute of it.

It's refreshing really.
Because having that wall up was very tiring for me.
Now that it is gone, i feel energized and way more real than before.

i know this: that is not a bad thing. That's for sure.

I hope that helps.
I am sure you will be able to say and feel something positive about your experience if you choose to start.

Good luck, man!

Well, It has been the best way that I have ever spent my time! My mind has been changed fundamentally in a way that seemed impossible before. I had tried a number of meditations in the past but nothing came close to the way that Maum Meditation uproots the foundations of the negative, judgmental, and restless mind.

I would say you are in for a very interesting transformation in the way you see life!

For me, the biggest advantage is being able to be at the moment. I am less drawn by the past nor am I worried about the future so much. And consequently, the stress levels have been reducing and I just laugh more which is great.

I guess Maum meditation will help you in many ways. It did help me a lot in my life, like becoming happy, reducing my stress and worries, getting to focus on what you're doing at the moment.. for me, my work efficiency increased after practicing this.

Well!!! I've been practicing maum meditation over 1 year and it is REALLY amazing method.

Before I practice maum meditation, I was very negative and sad person. However I always needed to smile to survive in this world. The more I hided my feeling, the more I became sad inside.

To find the way to get out from that suffering, I read a lot of self-help books or went to counseling but none of those helped me.

One day, my mother's friends brought one of the pamphlet about maum meditation and I happened to read it. I liked the idea of maum meditation which is subtraction.

Since I was desperate, I went to one of the local centers and had the seminar. I didn't care too much about the concept of maum mediation I just asked for the method to subtract to ease my mind. I just followed the method and AMAZINGLY it worked! I became happy inside so I smile all the time. My health got better, sleeping got better, and relationship with family and friends got better. It is just AMAZING.

Anyway after I changed, my mom and brother also joined maum meditation.

I just want to say you will be appreciative one day for your girlfriend to introduce this greatest fortune in your life. I have no doubt. *^^*

positive, relaxed just feelin' good after Meditation<br />
and I can see the others with theirs point of view so helpful understanding</P>

For me, maum meditation has made me a more positive person. I feel like I can accept more than before.