I Just Took A Free Lecture Of Maum Meditation.

I haven't practiced Maum Meditation yet, but just took a free introductory lecture today. And I liked it.
it took around 40 minutes, I already felt great energy while staying at the meditation center. Everybody there seemed really happy. I might start this program soon.
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Search on the Internet about maum meditation being a cult, I am maum meditation member, their mind control tactics didn't work on me. I can tell most of these posts here about how maum is amazing and etc... is done by instructed maum members and their leaders themselves. you guys are maum zombies :)

That's cool! I am glad that you liked it. These people in Maum Meditation have such a warm energy I could feel that too.

Yeah. You'll also become a happy person after doing it. My frowned face can no longer be found. I'm always happy. :)

I wonder if you've started it yet? I'm practicing maum meditation every morning and evening. Before and after work. The best thing about maum meditation center is that they have meditation sessions all day long and everyday. They do have this atmosphere there, I love it very much. I already feel relieved and encouraged when I get there.

true. they have this energetic atmosphere at the center. I really like meditating there.

Oh.. Have you already indulged in Maum Meditation? :) Have you already felt it's only helping you? From my meditation experiences, Maum Meditation is the ultimate meditation! Good luck with your meditation at Maum!

Have you finally started it? I wish you had, but if not, hurry up! :-)

Yeah, isn't the introductory lecture itself helpful? You'll discover more benefits and how helpful it is when you start meditating at Maum. As I meditate more and more, I feel like it's gonna give me benefits endlessly. Everyday, I look forward to meeting my new "self".

They have this positive atmosphere at their centers. I like spending time there but the main thing is always the method. I wish you all the best.

I am glad you enjoyed the intro session. You will find it much more fun when you actually start meditation.

The intro lecture clearly explained about the mind, didn't it? I became happy with Maum. I hope you can be one of the happy people too :)

You will look back the moment you decide to do Maum Meditation, and you will think that this is one of the best decisions in your life.

You will be able to regain your inner beauty and natural energy through Maum Meditation. If you have started, congrats! :)

The main reason I actually got started with this process was because people were so nice and friendly like they were super happy to meet me! It was the very first time I've ever met people from Maum, but it felt like I was with my best friends. They were so willing to listen to what I am struggling with, and that sympathy I felt through them was very touching. This is how I started Maum Meditation. :)

If you liked it, you should try it.

You will definitely enjoy this meditation!

Yes! I truly hope that you will get started with Maum as soon as you can. :)

Oh, I also started this meditation after I listened to a free lecture. It gave me the precise explanations. The lecture basically intrigued me to practice Maum and it was a good choice I made. You'll like it too. You'll see only the benefits come along :)

That's true about the good vibes.
haha, that's actually one of the reasons that I signed up.
Obviously the subtraction method sounded brilliant and extraordinary, but being an artistic person, I am sensitive to the "vibes" around me.
And I just feel good every time I cross the threshhold of the front door.
It's amazing...haha.

Yeah, when I went in for the initial consultation I was dumbfounded. It made perfect sense as to why my mind was where it was and why people live the way they do and how we are supposed to live completely differently by our True nature. Started right away even though I could barely afford any additional expenditures but it was the single most life changing and important decision I made to date. Didn't even realize it until level 5. Unbelievably miraculous, real changes occur within.

Great idea! The people at the center I go to always have such a good vibe to them. It seems to really just come with subtraction :)

Yes. it is. That place looks ordinary but that is extra ordinary. I registered 8 months ago because I liked their smile. I wish I can smile like them.

I also decided to start Maum Meditation after having the seminar. The staff there looked genuinely happy and energetic. I wanted to be like them so I started it. It kinda rescued me from lethargy.